March 24, 2019

Look I'm writing again!

Hola, my friends!

It's been a long time and a lot has happened since I last posted anything here. No worries though- the Counselor with a Cape has been in full force behind the scenes the whole time even if I've been MIA from writing. I need to get sponsored by GoPro or get my own reality TV show. I promise it would be a show with high ratings!

I never have a lack of stories to share and for the most part I am always willing to share them, with minor modifications of course to protect the identities of those involved. If anyone else is involved, because one thing you know if you've been following along with me for awhile now is that I am prone to accidents. With no outside assistance necessary. Although I can proudly say that I think I've been incident free for quite awhile now. Knock on wood. Besides the minor bumps and bruises here and there of course.

**Since I first started writing this post to now when I'm finishing it, I feel it really necessary to add an addendum to the incident free proclamation. I may or may not have fallen off a longboard yesterday.

Anyways- I guess I should update you on my life. I've moved to high school. And let me tell you it has been an entirely different ball game than middle school. I've had a major learning curve to face while trying to keep up with what my students need, but I feel like I can honestly say I have stepped up to the challenge. I'm also finally doing what I've been dreaming of for years- taking baby steps towards working for myself in private practice.

So much I could say here right now, but why spoil all the fun?

Stay tuned!