June 01, 2016

My favorite was a Willy Wonka reference...

A couple weekends ago I found my old 8th grade yearbook. Yes I said old, because it is. I hadn't looked at it forever, but I thought it was funny that I just happened to find it now; not too far away from 8th grade promotion and the last day of school for the year. I flipped through and several different thoughts went through my mind.

Wait, what year is this.
Mental math to really grasp how long ago that was.
OMG, that seems like a long time.
8th grade choir pic: Oh that's not too bad. Sigh of relief.
8th grade school pic: Holy mother of all things sacred why. 
Few random pics: Okay, these are improving.
8th grade swim team pic: Uhhhh......
Overall experience:

Immediately the thought of my favorite rockstar students seeing it made me cringe. Then I remembered a couple things: I have little shame (working with middle schoolers will do that to a person), I love a good laugh (even if it's at my own expense), and I know my kids are sure to deliver some great entertainment with their commentary about my yearbook and especially my pictures.

***Disclaimer. The following commentary is 100% completely a joke. Before showing the yearbook to any student I prefaced it with, "I want to show you my 8th grade yearbook that I found, look at it and tell me your first thought. Be honest it won't hurt my feelings at all. All while laughing because anyone who knows me knows when I have something funny up my sleeve I can't wait to see it pan out.***

You thought I was going to insert the picture here didn't you?

I said I have little shame people. There's a tiny bit left. Showing my 8th graders is 1 thing. Showing the whole world? I'll have to think on it....

Anyways, here's the good stuff. You're welcome in advance.

-You don't look the same.
-That's not you.
-I think if your hair was shorter you might look like a boy.
-Miss, this is how people dressed then???
-Like, this is real?
-You was pretty....sort of.
-Why do you look like that?
-You played sports?

I was thoroughly entertained by all of the stuff they were saying as they were thumbing through my old yearbook. Don't worry- I didn't show them only to get a good laugh. I like to use old pictures and things of this nature to talk with them about growing, learning, changing, etc as well as not judging a book by it's cover, and even sometimes to encourage them that they can be whoever they want to be. It just always has an added laugh when I use my own pictures.

Plus, it's nice to show my students I exist outside of the Marsh. I know sometimes it's hard for them to believe I actually leave work and don't live in a crawl space under my desk.

To all my educator friends out there, especially My Marsh family- we're almost there. Stay strong!

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  1. "I think if your hair was shorter you might look like a boy." hahaha at what age does that not become OK to say to someone?

  2. I am laughing so hard right now! I can soooo picture middle schoolers saying those exact lines!! Too funny!