April 27, 2016

Because Surviving.

Most of you know, life as I know it lately can be summed up by two words: struggle bus.

Current feels:
I need this on a shirt.
I've actually seen a little progress with my health but also some setbacks. That being said, getting through the day has been really hard somedays! That's why I wanted to share these things with you today.

How to: Survive the day with 1,000 middle schoolers.

1. Get a large supply of caffeine. You know I love my caffeinated beverages. I won't ramble about it- you can check out my favorites in this post.

2. Turn on your selective hearing. I have heard so many things that I can NEVER unhear. But sometimes it's nice to not hear conversations going on between two middle schooler. I usually get confused or traumatized.

3. Invest in a tide pen, or several. Most of my debacles have to do with paint. I should buy stock in Tide, or at the very least get a free delivery for spending so much money. Note* I have to remember to buy my assistant principal a new tide pen this weekend due to an incident outside of my control this morning.

4. Learn to laugh it off. If I didn't laugh and joke around at work I would be MUCH crazier than I already am. It takes a really special person to work with kids, but an extremely crazy person to work with middle schoolers.

5. Find something good in each child you meet. I have to be honest here that sometimes it can be tough to find something good in a child that completely terrorizes you and other students, disrupts the whole classroom, and can be just plain hateful, etc. But it's not impossible! Sometimes you just have to work a little harder or dig a little deeper to find a good quality, but once you do capitalize on it! I struggled all year to like an 8th grade boy who was so rude all the time. I finally sat down and took the opportunity to talk to him and found that he's actually a pretty funny kid who has some stuff going on at home. Now he actually listens to me because I took the time to listen to him.

Happy Wednesday! So excited that tomorrow is Friday Eve!

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