April 27, 2016

Because Surviving.

Most of you know, life as I know it lately can be summed up by two words: struggle bus.

Current feels:
I need this on a shirt.
I've actually seen a little progress with my health but also some setbacks. That being said, getting through the day has been really hard somedays! That's why I wanted to share these things with you today.

How to: Survive the day with 1,000 middle schoolers.

1. Get a large supply of caffeine. You know I love my caffeinated beverages. I won't ramble about it- you can check out my favorites in this post.

2. Turn on your selective hearing. I have heard so many things that I can NEVER unhear. But sometimes it's nice to not hear conversations going on between two middle schooler. I usually get confused or traumatized.

3. Invest in a tide pen, or several. Most of my debacles have to do with paint. I should buy stock in Tide, or at the very least get a free delivery for spending so much money. Note* I have to remember to buy my assistant principal a new tide pen this weekend due to an incident outside of my control this morning.

4. Learn to laugh it off. If I didn't laugh and joke around at work I would be MUCH crazier than I already am. It takes a really special person to work with kids, but an extremely crazy person to work with middle schoolers.

5. Find something good in each child you meet. I have to be honest here that sometimes it can be tough to find something good in a child that completely terrorizes you and other students, disrupts the whole classroom, and can be just plain hateful, etc. But it's not impossible! Sometimes you just have to work a little harder or dig a little deeper to find a good quality, but once you do capitalize on it! I struggled all year to like an 8th grade boy who was so rude all the time. I finally sat down and took the opportunity to talk to him and found that he's actually a pretty funny kid who has some stuff going on at home. Now he actually listens to me because I took the time to listen to him.

Happy Wednesday! So excited that tomorrow is Friday Eve!

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April 20, 2016

Straight flexing.

Guys listen, I really do want to apologize for not posting regularly lately. I just really haven't been feeling like myself with some health issues going on. (More about that on another day). But when I got home today I had a long talk with self (you're welcome Aunt TT) and told self she needed to get her creative juices flowing. So, here I am.

Today I'm going to provide you with my own edition of: Currently.

Here are some things I'm currently loving, doing, thinking, and any other verb+ing that I can think of.

Watching: Quantico. And obsessing over it. I'd never neglect my love of Empire, but if you aren't watching Quantico- you should be. Alex Parrish is a bad B! (Ok, so Cookie Lyon is too....which is why I love them both!)

Reading: Even though this is a book, I feel like a fake for calling it reading. I love to read. But I did want to share this book. I loved the step by step tutorials and pictures it has to help people like me who have trouble doing girl things.
I received the book from Blogging for Books and I'm happy I did! Here are a few pictures of hairstyles I want to get better at:

Eating: PB & J. I made a few small changes to this classic and I've been inhaling it at lunch everyday. Let me mention that my appetite has been a little iffy and since I haven't been feeling great I haven't wanted much to eat. I use chunky almond butter, organic strawberry preserves, and Udi's gluten free whole grain bread. LOVE! *Note: my tastebuds are very used to eating a certain way. Normal people might not like this.

Thinking: About planning my summer bucketlist. Check out my bucketlist and results from last summer. Anyone have any awesome suggestions that I could add to my summer 2016 list?

Feeling: Exhausted. State testing + wild children = I'm going to wake up sore tomorrow from helping  with a peer conflict at school. But let me tell you, that there is no place else I would rather be than with these wild children.

Add an "s" to student and it's the story of my life! I promise I will do my best to be back regularly.

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April 04, 2016

Pump the breaks, but don't stop moving.

I'm sure you can infer from the title of this post that I've had to pump the breaks a little with life. 30 has been a BUMPY year for me so far. This last week I took a small break from social media, posting, blogging, writing, and anything else I could reasonably take a break from; including middle schoolers. (It was spring break, duh!)

That being said, I'm slowly coming back. Keyword here is slow, but trust me- this girl won't stop moving forward.

One thing I didn't take a break from was my camera. So, I thought I'd let you take a peek at what my spring break looked like.

1st Stop: Captiva Island with one of my best friends.
New bridge going from Kentucky to Indiana! Exciting right?!
Time with my person. Always time well spent.
After over a year of chillin, my hair finally got done! And done well!
As if this face could be any cuter.
Captured a special moment between my aunt and my niece.
Asked for "mooches", that's close enough right? :)
This girl brings so much joy to everyone's lives.
No better feeling than sand between your toes!
Started at the beach and ended at the beach. And I'm okay with that.
This morning was a little harder than usual to wake up, and that's okay. 6 weeks left!

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