February 15, 2016

Confessions of a Middle School Counselor Part Dos

Everyone enjoys a good confession. I mean right when you hear it you're like oooohhhhh this is gonna be good! And what kind of person would I be if I neglected you the opportunity of hearing one or a couple?

I'd never be that person. So here goes:

I had a major candy craving on Friday and couldn't get enough M & M's. I stooped to a new low. I confess....I ate my friend's M & M's out of his mailbox because he wasn't at work. A small part of me felt guilty, but the other part won out and said you snooze you lose! Don't worry, I ran into him later in the day, had a panic moment, then ratted myself out. Yeah, I'm good at that.

My hair has a mind of it's flipping own. Somedays it looks really nice, other days I rock my Hermione Granger look. We all know I'm not awesome at being girly, so I confess.... I have considered more than once letting one of my student's style my hair. Only once, I just want one of them to teach me how to curl my hair with a flat iron because these youtube videos just aren't cutting it. Don't judge me. It would be a nice learning experience.

I continue to struggle with leading one of my counseling groups. I was raised to respect adults, is this old school now or something? In one group I have a few 8th graders that disagree with this. They feel that adults should earn their respect rather than automatically expecting them to show it. I don't know if I feel more frustrated that they don't respect adults, or that there are adults in their lives that have caused them to question respecting adults in general. I confess, I feel that children should be taught respect. But I have to give a double confession that I don't think any child should have to experience having to question respecting an adult that is close to them. Let's be role models people.

And lastly, I really hadn't considered this until a training I recently attended. I guess in my experience I have always thought counselors are the real superheroes. They just go on and on and on without ever needing a break or feeling exasperated. (Yes, I wrote a big word for you C. Simpson.) Well, I'm here to share- that couldn't be farther from the truth! And I am figuring that out through trial and error in my own career. Counselors can experience what is called compassion fatigue or compassion trauma. I've been doing some research on it, because I truly do love what I do and don't want to burn myself out. This stood out to me a lot: "Simply put, these are people who were taught at an early age to care for the needs of others before caring for their own needs." I confess, I sometimes struggle with compassion fatigue. See more here.

And there it is people! Let me throw this out there- I'm going to be creating a new link up soon! Keep your eyes peeled. It's going to be a good one. Interested in sponsoring the link up with me? Shoot me an e-mail!

Take this chance to get the week started off great! And a quick little photo dump. I didn't want to leave you hanging with NO pics?!

This was a Fresh Market score and they taste great!
Yeah so I got a paper rose for Valentine's day. Jealous much? 
If you wanted to know what has consumed my life. 
You can never be too careful with movie butter popcorn. Safety first.

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  1. I would totally eat the m&ms and then confess up too! I agree, its a good idea to buckle up the movie popcorn....same goes for Target popcorn too....unless you eat it all in Target while shopping haha!