January 01, 2016

I will not...

Happy January 1st everyone! Can't believe 2015 went by so quickly. I have to say the L's had a mostly fabulous 2015. We got to see more family and friends than we have any other year and that really made my heart happy.

Rather than posting a list of New Year's resolutions that I may or may not keep (and because my 2016 goals list isn't quite finished). I decided today since it's also Friday to tell you 5 things I'm NOT going to do in 2015.

Raise my voice.
I find that in any disagreement or argument I've ever been in, the volume of my voice doesn't help solve anything. It doesn't grab the other person's attention, or make my point any stronger. I plan to focus on this a lot at school too. I'd like to lead by example, if I don't want my precious kiddos to grow up thinking it's okay to yell and shout at people then I need to show them it's possible.

Keep a strict schedule.
This doesn't mean I'm not going to keep at a schedule at all, but I am a stickler. If I put something into my schedule it gets done (and a lot of times it gets done before the date I needed it done because I simply cannot procrastinate). This year I plan (see already planning) to be more flexible, to enjoy the spontaneity of life, and to put less things on my schedule so I am able to slow down.

Be so hard on myself.
Listen, my top strength on the StrengthsFinder 2.0 is discipline. Anyone who knows me at all isn't surprised by this. I pride myself on doing things right (actually perfectly) the first time. In the spirit of being more flexible, decreasing my stress level, and just enjoying life more- I am going to change my attitude towards myself just like I work on maintaining a positive attitude towards other people in all situations.

Wake up at 7am EVERY Saturday and Sunday.
The struggle is REAL for this early riser! My internal clock is set to wake up before 8am every day so on Saturdays and Sundays I am usually up and at it around that time as well. On this goal I am going to have to work at it. So I have a back up plan-while I train myself to sleep a little longer, I will take NAPS instead! I feel like that's a great compromise for this one. I'll keep you posted.

Forget to thank God every single day for the life he's allowed me to live.
I can't stress this one enough. I try to thank God frequently, but I'm not perfect (much to my discipline strength's dismay). This year I will thank him every.single.day for this beautiful life he's guided me to.

And there we have it. Keeping it short and sweet on this New Years Day so anyone who's got a headache or seeing double still can keep up. (I am not one of those people, who have I become?! LOL!)

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  1. These are awesome goals! I need to work on the overplanning thing too! Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Years to each and every one of you !!
    May your year be blessed.