January 06, 2016

Blue Box Blues

That title really has nothing to do with anything, except the fact that I am doing an elimination diet to see if I have any food allergens and all I can think about is Kraft Mac N Cheese.

On Tuesday at our staff meeting we had a short Leader in Me training focusing on Habit 3 which is "Put First Things First". At the end of the presentation, the teacher presenter gave out paper mache rocks to everyone that all had something important painted on them (i.e. Big Rocks v. Little Rocks). I got a big rock that a student had painted FOOD on. It was meant to be. And obviously whoever created that fabulous rock has their priorities straight. Then I took a second rock because I felt bad. It said family. Now I feel bad for keeping a second rock. Oops.

Anyways, in my last post I told the world that one of the things I'm not going to do this year is raise my voice. I want to be a better counselor which means being a better role model. If I don't want my students running around screaming and yelling like they have no sense then I need to show them it's possible. This leads me to a conversation I had with a student that has been sitting right on my heart for a couple days now.

Rewind to before the conversation. A boy and a girl get in a physical altercation in the cafeteria.

As I was talking to the boy about why he retaliated against the girl he said, "Miss, I can't look like a punk. It's how I grew up. If I ever got hit by someone and I didn't fight back, my mom would send me back out of the house to go fight the kid"

Heart.Broken. Here I am worried about raising my voice to students and at home they're being taught that physical confrontation is always the answer. Okay, I exaggerated the always part, but hear me out. Doesn't it seem like educators are fighting a losing battle sometimes? We're expected to teach kids very specific skills and knowledge, but how can we when we have to start off by teaching them how to behave like a respectable human.

*Note: this doesn't pertain to ALL students or ALL kids, but I do have to say that it pertains to a good chunk of the ones I work with.

That being said, I'm tired. We are 3 days into 2016 and all I want to do is sleep already. Someone tell me I'm not the only person frustrated by this? But, as frustrating and exhausting as this is- I plan to look at it this way my mission of spreading love to those who might not experience it elsewhere is going to come to good use this year.

Oh and parents- quit teaching your kids that fighting is a good solution to their problems. And people wonder why our world is the way it is today.....

2 more days. I will wake up tomorrow with a better attitude, I promise.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head about fighting a losing battle!