January 09, 2016

6 on Saturday

Remember 2 posts ago when I said I wasn't going to keep a strict schedule or be so hard on myself? Okay good. That's why I have a 6 on Saturday this week. I think middle school students have an alternate meaning for Friday. In my book it means: tie up loose ends, finish a few things on my to do list, and have fun. In theirs I do believe it means: have all the peer conflicts, emergencies, arguments, mental breakdowns, and tears so I have plenty to hold me over the two days I'm off until I'm back with them on Monday.

Tried to get fancy with my photo, didn't work. But my desk gets ridiculous sometimes,
I even moved some papers so it didn't look so crazy.
So yeah, I'm pretty sure they save things up for Fridays so I can't mark anything off my to do list and feel so tired when I get home that I immediately put jammies on and lay on the couch for some Scandal reruns. (Don't judge me.)

Anyways, so I finally got my 2016 goals refined and ready. I don't do resolutions, because well I don't really know why. But these are my "WIGS" (wildly important goals....yes I'm a leadership geek) for the new year. And don't worry, I set several but I bet you can guess how many I am going to share with you today!

Here they are:

Complete an elimination diet successfully.
It's no secret I haven't been feeling well for awhile. Since my body is still stumping the GI doctors, I decided to do an elimination diet to try and figure out if I have any common food allergens that could help me feel better. I'm tracking my progress and plan to share for anyone who is interested. So far I have successfully made it through 5 days. Research says to do it at a minimum of 23 days so your body can reset and you can slowly one by one reintroduce things to see how your body reacts. If anyone has any experience with this I would love to hear it!

Meal prep Sunday, and no the hot sauce is not mine.
That's Mr. L's department.
Save an extra $2,000.
I need to do better at saving period. So this year I plan to buy less stuff and save money up for new experiences for the L's.

Write a detailed book outline proposal.
I've been considering writing a book for years. I have about 808 ideas flowing around in my mind at any given time. I've even written down some barf lists with my ideas too. I just haven't taken the plunge and committed to it yet, but this year I am at least going to pick a topic and write an outline. I could use some guidance from experienced writers out there! Was it hard to commit to a topic?

Take the LMHC licensure exam.
I am roughly half way done with my clinical supervision hours needed prior to applying for my license to be a mental health counselor. I found out in FL you can take the exam prior to being done with the hours so I plan to attempt it at least once this year. Which means- I NEED TO STUDY!

Remodel spare bedroom #2.
This is something I've been wanting to do forever and just bumped it up in importance under my home goals section. I'll take before and after pics!

Can I make a quick addition?

Keep making really pretty faces in pictures.
I think a couple people already captured how photogenic I can be on NYE.

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