December 02, 2015

Because Joy Right?

Uhhh so I haven't felt very joyous lately, so in the spirit of Christmas and Jesus' Birthday I'm going to tell you about the 10 things I want to do this holiday season. Besides see all the people I love, because that's so obvious!

Not in order because they're all great ideas so they all tied.

Watch ABC Family. Because. The Santa Clause. Scott Calvin, Santa Clause?!? Did anyone realize Tim Allen is 62 years old? I was a loyal Home Improvement-er back in the day.

Make a gingerbread house. And pray that I don't have to use real adhesive...this time.

Watch church online while I'm in Indiana. Try it out! I love it!

See snow. I don't think it snowed when I was home for Christmas last year. I wouldn't mind getting Mr. L with a snowball!

Drink seasonal wine. Lanthier Winery.

Get an Elf on the Shelf. Is that weird?

Wear my Uggs. Just for a few days, and only in Indiana. Don't worry, I don't wear Uggs in Florida.

Go to the Louisville Mega Caverns. Holy sensory overload!

Make these pecan pies at least one more time. SO good. I made the crust from the recipe last year and it was delicious...but I got a little lazy this year.

And lastly, which I think we can all agree is probably the most important anyway...
Drink champagne in my Christmas jammies.

I think that means I should online shop for some new Christmas jammies! Score!

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