October 12, 2015

If you met me in real life....

You'd quickly find out these things about me:

I talk with my hands. A LOT. Like it just doesn't make sense to talk with your hands as much as I do.

My face makes it really hard for me to hide stuff from anyone. For instance, I love playing practical jokes on people at work, but I STRUGGLE to keep it to myself or to keep a straight face when I'm asked about it.

My life revolves around when my next meal will be and what I'll be having for it. Ask Mr. L. I bet he will say his most dreaded text message from me is "What should we have for dinner?" Which I generally send several hours beforehand when it makes no sense to be worried about what's for dinner. Speaking of food- check out my recipes page to see the awesome pumpkin protein pancake recipe I made Sunday!

My dog is my child. See below. Even when we lived in Indiana we used to do things you would generally only do with human children.

Coffee is a necessity. If I don't have it, I'm probably going to fall asleep sitting up or yell at someone. I just wish Keurig would quit cramping my style by trying to reject my favorite non keurig k-cups, don't worry we overcame that obstacle. Mr. L is kind of a MacGyver. Sorry Keurig.

And lastly, I'm passionate about the things I do. Go ahead and try to get in the way of something I've set my mind to. It won't work. I think that doubles as "You're bossy". But I'll take passionate.

And now that I've ratted myself out, I'll let you go for the day. I have an important meeting with my friend On Demand. Blood and Oil, here I come!

Monday you were alright, Tuesday...be good to me.

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