October 02, 2015

5's again! Finally.

Finally getting my life back to something that could be considered semi-normal, so I was super pumped to participate in 5 on Friday today!

So, here are 5 awesome things that happened this week!

5. After going back and forth with CVS and my doctor more times than I’d like to count, my prescription has FINALLY been filled! (It was so necessary).

4. The culinary teacher at my school knew I wasn’t feeling great and brought me some gluten free pumpkin spice cake/bar thing she made. It was seriously amazing and made me super happy.

Serious Deliciousness
3. Mr. L bought me muffins from Publix. If you live in southern Georgia or Florida you know Publix makes good stuff. And I need to give Mr. L more credit. He is pretty phenomenal.

Of course they're pumpkin. I'm basic.
2. It was one of my favorite people’s birthdays. The best way I can describe this woman is sassy and awesome. She’s always willing to listen to me ramble about silly things or provide me with advice and guidance when I’m not sure what to do next. Seriously, couldn’t ask for a better additional momma figure in my life. So here's another Happy Birthday shoutout to Teri Lock!

1. I can't finish the list without mentioning my precious babies. This week one of my students said “How you durriinnnn?” and I was instantly super happy that one of my middle schoolers had seen the movie Norbit. If you haven’t seen it, don’t waste your time. But if you have, then you know why I think this is hilarious.

And lastly, this isn’t something awesome that happened this week but I haven’t been sharing many pictures and wanted to leave you with these two precious faces that I love. I really like them when they’re being cute.

Mya burrows into my blankets right when I get out of bed.
This just so happens to be my favorite animal of all time.
Happy Happy Friday y'all! Linking up, make sure you check out some other 5 on Fridays. They will not disappoint!


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  1. I'm so glad that you're feeling up to a Friday Five! And having gone to college in Tallahassee, I know the excellence of Publix!!!

    Keep feeling better!
    Lauren :)