September 01, 2015

Where they do that at?

This is the first installment of where they do that at. (Inspiration from an old friend). I can't imagine that there won't be 100 more of these to come in the future. Ready?

Mother comes in to school in a mini skirt that has lips graphics all over it.

6th grade student (boy) gets angry because kid sitting next to him on the bus thinks boys rule and girls drool (He actually said the kid was sexist. We decided together he wasn't 100% sure what that word meant.)

Student is asked to sit down in the cafeteria. Proceeds to jump up and do the whip and nae nae between the tables. Can't that go away yet?

Student from last year (somehow?!?!?!) finds out my middle name. Now anytime I correct a misbehavior she says "Okay JEAN!!!" and walks away.

Say it with me. Where they do that at????

One more thing. For all the educators out there who pour your hearts into your students and start genuinely caring for them just like they are your own children: today my "school daughter" as I so fondly think of her, finally reported to school after missing the first 6 days and basically being off the grid. Initially she refused to come in, but by the time I got to the front office she had signed in and was actually happy that I was there. (This is coming a LONG way from previous years). My heart smiled today. It hurt for her, but it smiled too because I know she's safe.

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  1. Good to hear that little gem made it to school. Miss you, my friend.

  2. Haha, I have a feeling I'm going to love reading these posts!!

    So happy that the girl came to school finally - so worth it! One of my favorite quotes to remember is: "Students who are loved at home come to school to learn. Students who aren't come to school to be loved." That got me through some of the craziest of days!