September 08, 2015


This morning while I was sitting in a dental chair, practically getting my whole face drilled off I had some time to think about random stuff.

I won't even get into all that, but I did want to share a thought I've had more than once in the last few weeks. It's the beginning of the school year and we always have so many new kids. I don't know if it's some epidemic in Southwest Florida or just an East Zone thing, but our kids and their families are NOMADS! They move around so often. I hate it. We're working against so many other things to provide our students with a good education, but right when we finally break down the barriers and build connections with our students, they're gone. It's heartbreaking.

But since we're all focused on positives in the world (or at least we should be) there is a positive that comes with this. When we get new students, we get a brand new chance to make an impact on someone's life. Remember my mission? To spread love to those who may not get it elsewhere.

So that being said, I have one student in particular that I'm thinking about when it comes to getting this brand new chance. We'll call her Sally. I know, generic. But hey her name isn't the point. Anyways, Sally is a new student this year and she was super timid and scared the first few days of school. Sally got assigned to be one of the student office aides and she stopped me in the hallway to ask where to go. I point her in the right direction and move on. Next thing I know I'm being called to the front office because a student was there crying. Little did I know, it was Sally. Sally just moved to Florida and knows very little english. She used what she did know to ask me what direction to go in and I never thought twice about it. She panicked because she was scared to be an office aide.

There wasn't anyone available right that moment to help translate so I could speak with Sally, so I did all I could think of. I gave her a kind smile and a gentle hand on her shoulder. In that moment I realized that spreading love is universal. Sally almost immediately quit crying and I was able to rack my brain and spit out enough random french words to find out she knows french and that I'm super rusty at it. Fast forward to the 3rd week of school (now) and every day I see Sally walk down the hall way. And Every. Single. Day. that child smiles bigger at me than the day before. She also gets a good laugh out of my awful french.

So I got the feels...
I love my job.

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