September 16, 2015

Did you know?

...being a school counselor is one of the most rewarding careers out there.
It is. Just ask me. Most of the time I love my job. Especially the parts when I really get to focus on the kids.

...I've been binge watching Prison Break with Mr. L and although it's very graphic, it's SO GOOD.
Like we'd get mad at each other if either one of us tried to watch ahead without the other.

...running counseling groups is one of my favorite things to do.
I can't wait to start sharing more about what my counseling groups do. For the first two meetings we've been talking about core values and how they contribute to the success of a group. Then I let my kids choose what the core values of our group will be. I suggest confidentiality. My favorite response: "What language is that?".

...I can officially speak to what it's like to be 30 because I've been 30 for a whole 72 hours now.
And let me tell you, the beginning of my 30's has been rough. I've been sick all week! It is so much harder to be sick in SW Florida than Indiana. I feel like when I get a cold it should be chilly outside so I can wear sweatpants, sweatshirts, and be wrapped up in a nest of blankets. But noo... it's too hot. Wah. Wah.

...I taught my first classroom lessons of the year this week and they were so fun.
In the counseling world sometimes we get so wrapped up in dealing with misbehavior and chaos that we run out of time to invest in the kids who don't have those types of issues. I refuse to do that this year. It was nice to get in a classroom full of kids who genuinely want to learn.

...this picture has given me the energy to keep going lately.
Sometimes I tend to get in God's way. And by that I mean I worry myself sick about stuff and don't truly turn things over to Him. A very wise lady I like to call Aunt TT said to me, "Why pray about it if you're not going to give it to the Lord and let him handle it?" Touche Aunt TT. Touche.

And that's all for today. I'm sure I will think of more things you should know at a later date.
Thanks for checking in! I'll be back more often soon, just recuperating from the beginning of school madness a little. (More like trying to catch up on my to do list that has roughly 895 things on it). I can't wait to share our new youtube channel and counselor videos with y'all!

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