August 18, 2015

Thoughts on a Tuesday....

Random Thoughts, just because.

My boss wrote this on our staff chalkboard today. It made me feel good about being where I'm at.

I was visiting some friends today and while waiting at fort knox their community gate to be buzzed in I was looking at my license (the gate attendant asks for it) and remembered that this last time that I renewed my license I became an organ donor. The next obvious place for my thoughts to go is.... If my organs were going to be donated to someone, should I do them a solid and leave them a note so they know to toss my liver out first? .............College happened. And my 20's. Just curious.

Speaking of visiting friends ^. I got to meet a very precious little girl today! Remember my partner in crime? Well, his baby woman entered the world Saturday and she is just perfect.

We decorated our bulletin board today at school. I feel like decorating a bulletin board really truly signifies the start of the school year. Here's our board. Super cheesy, just the way I like it.

Is it bad that when we were dividing up students for our "frequent flier" caseload I might have winced a couple times when I saw the crew of rockstars that I gave myself? Be good to me kids, my gray hairs depend on it.

Who's watching The Bachelor in Paradise? Yeah I'm admitting it. I experienced a really weak moment when I wasn't sure what to watch On Demand or Netflix so I got click happy and started watching it. And let me tell you! It is intense, I mean as intense as those shows can be. I'm so anxious to see how it turns out!

And thats all!

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  1. Love the bulletin board! Very corny (popcorny, if you will!)