August 25, 2015

Losing my mind.

Okay so to keep my own weird tradition, I'm going to tell you some random things on this Tuesday.

Let me start by saying the school year has kicked off so well. HURRY knock on wood. I've never experienced a better first two days. I have been up to my elbows in schedule changes, but the kids have been so patient and some of my favorites have returned. (So many of our kiddos move around throughout the year, it's always great to see them staying in one place.)

Of course I woke my husband up at 6am to capture my back to school moment.
Not to mention that a few pretty entertaining things have already happened and it's only the end of the second day of school. That tells me that I can always count on my kiddos to keep things interesting. And give me things to write about....

Anyways, today I want to share a few reasons I think I'm losing my mind the closer I get to being 30. (Which is in 3 weeks give or take a day or two or three.)

  • I've heard my husband say about 100 things recently that he swears he didn't say, but when he is talking to me, half the time I don't hear him. I'm not faking it either.
  • I forgot my food for work twice. In the last week. If you know me you know that's almost unheard of. Not only am I super organized, but I'm really serious about my foods.
  • My poor vitamin container is still full. Bet you can guess why. 
  • This takes the cake, this morning I went to my 6am workout as usual, then went to take a shower and once I was in the shower realized I forgot my towel. Curious as to how that ended up? I used about 100 brown paper towels from the bathroom to dry off. Sorry Nichole- that's where all your paper towels went today.
Okay... I'm going to stop so nobody tries to have me committed. But WHAT in the world is going on!? Is there some blackhole in the weeks leading up to a 30th birthday where they let you fall in and try out losing your mind? 

Someone help a sista out!

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  1. Aww, haha, this made me chuckle! I'm glad the school year has started off great, though! :)

  2. This is funny! I think you have an excuse for being scatterbrained with just starting school! You have a lot to think about!