August 07, 2015

Guest Post! Kinda..

This week has been so busy I almost forgot to write my 5 on Friday post! So, here I am. Only I decided to do something a little different today and include my friend Kayley.

5 things that may not be crazy, but at least considered a little out of the ordinary… and that ALL happened TODAY.

One of us is watching Empire Season 1 for the 3rd time.
Not ratting that one out at all. Not because we’re embarrassed or anything…

One of us randomly called a friend at 6am this morning to ask a question and the friend had overslept and we called in time to ensure they weren’t late for work! Coincidence?!

One of us was being fingerprinted and getting a background check for work this morning and when we were leaving the clerk said “Good Luck.” Figure that one out.

One of us got upset when we were trying to download the Empire soundtrack some really good songs and our music app had updated and changed. The download button wasn’t where it was supposed to be! Should we hashtag firstworldproblems?

One or both of us is about to have the world's most fabulous cheat meal. 
Who doesn't get super excited about a cheat meal!?!?

And there you have it.

We gotta get back to Empire doing really fun and exciting things on a Friday….

Linking up! Happy Friday Ya'll!

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