August 25, 2015

Losing my mind.

Okay so to keep my own weird tradition, I'm going to tell you some random things on this Tuesday.

Let me start by saying the school year has kicked off so well. HURRY knock on wood. I've never experienced a better first two days. I have been up to my elbows in schedule changes, but the kids have been so patient and some of my favorites have returned. (So many of our kiddos move around throughout the year, it's always great to see them staying in one place.)

Of course I woke my husband up at 6am to capture my back to school moment.
Not to mention that a few pretty entertaining things have already happened and it's only the end of the second day of school. That tells me that I can always count on my kiddos to keep things interesting. And give me things to write about....

Anyways, today I want to share a few reasons I think I'm losing my mind the closer I get to being 30. (Which is in 3 weeks give or take a day or two or three.)

  • I've heard my husband say about 100 things recently that he swears he didn't say, but when he is talking to me, half the time I don't hear him. I'm not faking it either.
  • I forgot my food for work twice. In the last week. If you know me you know that's almost unheard of. Not only am I super organized, but I'm really serious about my foods.
  • My poor vitamin container is still full. Bet you can guess why. 
  • This takes the cake, this morning I went to my 6am workout as usual, then went to take a shower and once I was in the shower realized I forgot my towel. Curious as to how that ended up? I used about 100 brown paper towels from the bathroom to dry off. Sorry Nichole- that's where all your paper towels went today.
Okay... I'm going to stop so nobody tries to have me committed. But WHAT in the world is going on!? Is there some blackhole in the weeks leading up to a 30th birthday where they let you fall in and try out losing your mind? 

Someone help a sista out!

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August 18, 2015

Thoughts on a Tuesday....

Random Thoughts, just because.

My boss wrote this on our staff chalkboard today. It made me feel good about being where I'm at.

I was visiting some friends today and while waiting at fort knox their community gate to be buzzed in I was looking at my license (the gate attendant asks for it) and remembered that this last time that I renewed my license I became an organ donor. The next obvious place for my thoughts to go is.... If my organs were going to be donated to someone, should I do them a solid and leave them a note so they know to toss my liver out first? .............College happened. And my 20's. Just curious.

Speaking of visiting friends ^. I got to meet a very precious little girl today! Remember my partner in crime? Well, his baby woman entered the world Saturday and she is just perfect.

We decorated our bulletin board today at school. I feel like decorating a bulletin board really truly signifies the start of the school year. Here's our board. Super cheesy, just the way I like it.

Is it bad that when we were dividing up students for our "frequent flier" caseload I might have winced a couple times when I saw the crew of rockstars that I gave myself? Be good to me kids, my gray hairs depend on it.

Who's watching The Bachelor in Paradise? Yeah I'm admitting it. I experienced a really weak moment when I wasn't sure what to watch On Demand or Netflix so I got click happy and started watching it. And let me tell you! It is intense, I mean as intense as those shows can be. I'm so anxious to see how it turns out!

And thats all!

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August 11, 2015

Tuesday. Also known as the day my freedom ended.

Okay so that was a little dramatic, but it’s partially true. My summer vacation is OVER! I go back to work TOMORROW! Summer vacation goes by so quickly! I’m so grateful for that break to rest and recharge and although I’m not ready to see it leave- I will admit I am excited to get back to work and prepare for this school year to start (See below for my back to school giveaway)! But before I jump right into the school year here is my last farewell post to summer.

If you didn’t get to check out my summer bucket list, you can see it here. Unfortunately I did not get everything checked off my list (hey, I had some big ideas), but I did get several things done. The other things I got to check off my list are featured in these two posts if you want to really catch up.

Adventure Awaits
Back to school. Almost.

To round out the summer I can also check off:
Unplugging from the world for a whole day. (This was truly so relaxing).
Seeing a beach sunrise.

I left about 4 things on my list. Those last 4 things WILL get done though. Time TBD.

Anyways here are some pictures of my morning at the beach. It was absolutely beautiful. We got there around 6:35am. We walked around, went out the pier, and I did my morning bible reading right next to the ocean. We also ate at a little place near the beach called Heavenly Biscuit. Holy cinnamon rolls this was DELISH! They actually pour the icing on the warm cinnamon roll from a pitcher! If you're ever near Fort Myers Beach check it out- but make sure you have cash because they don't accept cards!

And lastly- for the giveaway. Because I’m over here with the feels about summer ending and school beginning I want to do a little giveaway to make my heart happy. I’m giving away a pack of Sharpies. It’s a 21 count and has so many pretty colors.

If you work at a school and don’t LOVE sharpies just stop it. You’re lying. Get entered in the giveaway by logging in below and following @counswithacape on twitter. Ends Sunday and the winner will be announced Monday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have a great day! Stay tuned to find out how my first week back rounds out.
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August 07, 2015

Guest Post! Kinda..

This week has been so busy I almost forgot to write my 5 on Friday post! So, here I am. Only I decided to do something a little different today and include my friend Kayley.

5 things that may not be crazy, but at least considered a little out of the ordinary… and that ALL happened TODAY.

One of us is watching Empire Season 1 for the 3rd time.
Not ratting that one out at all. Not because we’re embarrassed or anything…

One of us randomly called a friend at 6am this morning to ask a question and the friend had overslept and we called in time to ensure they weren’t late for work! Coincidence?!

One of us was being fingerprinted and getting a background check for work this morning and when we were leaving the clerk said “Good Luck.” Figure that one out.

One of us got upset when we were trying to download the Empire soundtrack some really good songs and our music app had updated and changed. The download button wasn’t where it was supposed to be! Should we hashtag firstworldproblems?

One or both of us is about to have the world's most fabulous cheat meal. 
Who doesn't get super excited about a cheat meal!?!?

And there you have it.

We gotta get back to Empire doing really fun and exciting things on a Friday….

Linking up! Happy Friday Ya'll!

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August 04, 2015

How to: turn 30 somewhat gracefully

Okay so I’m turning 30 soon. And by soon I mean 40 days. Not that I’m counting or anything because that would be really weird of me to know the exact amount of days until I turn 30 when it’s more than a week long. I never thought I’d be that person who starts to panic really think about things when they are nearing 30, but I have to admit that I am. So let me share with you things that are on my mind about turning 30 gracefully.

Get your hair done.
I’ve had gray hair here and there for a few years but now that I’m almost 30 I’m noticing them A LOT more. It’s like I’m starting a gray hair farm on my head. Anyone need any extra gray hairs? I have them. Lucky for me I have a best friend who does hair for a living and hooks it up. (I think she feels embarrassed by my gray hairs too.)

Keep working out.
Because let’s face it. I’m not 20 anymore. It takes me longer to warm up and sometimes just walking into the gym is an accomplishment in my book.

Drink water. And LOTS of it!
I feel like this doesn’t need much of an explanation because drinking water is important at any age.

Do fun stuff.
Try new things, or just make time to do things I already know I love.

Finding time to actually rest can be tough. But getting enough sleep every night is more important to me now than ever and scheduling days where I actually rest and not rest a.k.a. meal prep, dishes, sweeping, home improvement, errands, etc. (This gets harder and harder for me).

Not only love my close friends and family, but spread love to people who may not get it elsewhere. (I keep my precious kiddos at school in mind for this one too.)

And lastly,
Thank the Lord that you made it to 30.
Listen, I’ve had a lot of bumps and bruises in my life prior to this year. I mean A LOT. I’m thanking God that I’ve been able to live 30 whole years without somehow seriously injuring myself.

Here I am, looking almost 30 :)

What are you doing to age gracefully? Is there something I should be doing that I'm not? (you know like wrinkle cream, taking calcium, haha I don't know what else there is but those are things that come to mind.)

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