July 22, 2015

Hidden Gems

You know those places right? The most perfect little spots that you've ever set eyes on and with the best stuff; whether it's a hole in the wall food place, hidden boutique, or in this case a great little store that sells so many awesome things from home decor, to fabric, to coffee mugs (my FAV!) AND has a vintage looking barbershop in the front. Swoon! (If you saw any of my wedding pictures, you know I am a major sucker for that vintage rustic look and this store has got it going on!!!)

Not only that, but the woman who owns the store teaches wine and canvas type painting classes which are perfect for a girls night out!

And I guess I could go ahead and mention that the store owner happens to be a pretty wonderful person who is not only my friend's sister, but also someone that all of my girlfriends, myself included, have looked up to over the years. (That does not however sway my opinion of her store at all, it is perfect!)

So, here are some pictures to document our fun girls night out experience at Little Golden Fox.

Thank you SO much for having us Cara! We had so much fun and I definitely plan to do it again next time I'm visiting!

So there ya go, if you're ever in the midwest, or more specifically Southern Indiana- you MUST stop by Little Golden Fox. You can pick up cute little items such as this adorable travel coffee mug that I HAD to have, and will get a lot of use from!

Have a happy Wednesday!

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  1. How awesome!! I love those types of places! Also, what a fun painting!!