June 01, 2015

It's Monday, don't forget to be awesome.

I had really good intentions of writing a 5 on Friday post, however life happened. And by life I mean 100 things plus our 8th grade promotion and dance. I wish I had a pedometer on Friday because I swear I probably took a bazillion steps.

We had a packed house for the promotion ceremony then an awesome Mardi Gras themed dance for the kids.

My friend Janna (pictured above) did a great job planning the whole thing. We ran into a little snafu with a Fedex delivery and so off we went to fill a boatload of balloons with helium 2 hours before the dance. And to clarify, I only drove. She did all the work and her daughter caught a quick nap before the balloons came out.

I did however help stuff my car FULL of helium filled balloons.

All in all it turned out great and I actually got a little choked up because this is the first class my school has had for all 3 middle school years. I would have to say that a lot of the gray hairs my head has been over run with could be attributed to them as well. (Don't worry I don't just let them fly).

And that my friends was the highlight of my Friday. I realize I skipped Saturday and Sunday but that's because nothing noteworthy really happened. Mr. L and I had a nice relaxing weekend. I will say that this is kind of how I woke up this morning though. 

Sooo... I might have skipped the gym and slept a couple extra hours. Usually if I skip the gym I have a guilty conscience where I'm like mannnn.. I'm never going to be in shape because I skipped the gym. This morning however, I did not. Because that extra sleep was GLORIOUS and I had an amazing, refreshing, great start to my week. This about sums it up.

Happy Monday everyone! PS- it's EXTRA happy for me because it's the last Monday of the school year! 4 more days with students! (Not that I'm counting or anything.)

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  1. Yay for the end of the school year!!! I bet you're thrilled! :)

  2. Here in Trinidad, we have three more weeks to go till school let's out...and yes I am definitely counting. :)