June 30, 2015

Adventure Awaits

The idea of having a summer bucket list always seems like a great idea. I make a list of stuff that I either A) never have time to do during the school year or B) just really want an excuse to do. Now, more times than I'd like to admit I have NOT completed my summer bucket list. Super disappointing right?

So while making a summer bucket list is all fun and stuff, at some point I have to have a chat with self and say self- it's time to get off your behind and actually commit. If you're new to the scene you're welcome to check out my bucket list to see what I want to do this summer. For those of you who have stuck around here are some pictures of TWO more things I got crossed off. Celebrate the little things, right?

First: I ate a cronut. My review? Eh, so-so. I think I was anticipating it too much. Like maybe I was imagining fireworks when I bit into it? I also think that a homemade bakery of some sort would probably have a different take on it than Dunkin Donuts does, so that being said I'm still open to trying a good cronut.

Side View

Ok so I took a bite before I got home and got the pic....Don't judge me.

Second: I went on an airboat ride in the Everglades! This is where I felt like I was slightly adventuring. My friend Kayley and I took a short road trip today and checked out Wooten's Everglades Airboat Tours. My thoughts: I'd definitely do it again or take out of town guests to check it out. The airboat captain was funny and super knowledgeable. It was definitely something I'm glad I checked off my list. Now I'm feeling a little more Floridian too!

First glance at the airboats. So cool!
Doing touristy things.
This is my friend Kayley. She likes hitting the weightroom, eating snacks, and playing ColorKu...incase you were curious.
First critter we saw.

Super cheeseball excited to get the ear muffs on.

Whattt?! I am such a nerd for animals. LOVE them!

Got to see these guys scouring for food.

And this is not zoomed in at all. This dude swam right up to the boat.

Such a fun time! Anyways- you all know I love lists. So I get to mark 3 things off my summer bucket list now! What have you done this summer?!

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  1. That's so cool that you were able to get so close!! I would LOVE that!