June 30, 2015

Adventure Awaits

The idea of having a summer bucket list always seems like a great idea. I make a list of stuff that I either A) never have time to do during the school year or B) just really want an excuse to do. Now, more times than I'd like to admit I have NOT completed my summer bucket list. Super disappointing right?

So while making a summer bucket list is all fun and stuff, at some point I have to have a chat with self and say self- it's time to get off your behind and actually commit. If you're new to the scene you're welcome to check out my bucket list to see what I want to do this summer. For those of you who have stuck around here are some pictures of TWO more things I got crossed off. Celebrate the little things, right?

First: I ate a cronut. My review? Eh, so-so. I think I was anticipating it too much. Like maybe I was imagining fireworks when I bit into it? I also think that a homemade bakery of some sort would probably have a different take on it than Dunkin Donuts does, so that being said I'm still open to trying a good cronut.

Side View

Ok so I took a bite before I got home and got the pic....Don't judge me.

Second: I went on an airboat ride in the Everglades! This is where I felt like I was slightly adventuring. My friend Kayley and I took a short road trip today and checked out Wooten's Everglades Airboat Tours. My thoughts: I'd definitely do it again or take out of town guests to check it out. The airboat captain was funny and super knowledgeable. It was definitely something I'm glad I checked off my list. Now I'm feeling a little more Floridian too!

First glance at the airboats. So cool!
Doing touristy things.
This is my friend Kayley. She likes hitting the weightroom, eating snacks, and playing ColorKu...incase you were curious.
First critter we saw.

Super cheeseball excited to get the ear muffs on.

Whattt?! I am such a nerd for animals. LOVE them!

Got to see these guys scouring for food.

And this is not zoomed in at all. This dude swam right up to the boat.

Such a fun time! Anyways- you all know I love lists. So I get to mark 3 things off my summer bucket list now! What have you done this summer?!

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June 23, 2015

Dear Students, things you should know.

Dear Students,

Hey there! It’s me, your counselor. I know we've become mortal enemies buds this school year and whatnot, but there’s a few things you don’t know about me and I think maybe if you did know we could better understand each other. Here they are:

I’m not rich. You may be shocked to find out that all the years I spent in college cost quite a bit of money and now that I'm adulting I have bills to pay too. So while I am generous, I can't raise myself and all of you.

I live in my own home. Listen, I know you think there’s some hidden door in my office so I can go to my underground dorm room after school and stay there until it’s time to work the next day- but I promise I have a house, with a refrigerator, and food and stuff. My dog even lives here too. I know..weird.

I shop at grocery stores. Like the ones near you. Yes that means I saw you playing in the kiddie toy aisle. No I won’t tell your friends.

I'm not a mind reader. This might seriously surprise some of you, but when you make eye contact with me and immediately look like a deer in headlights I know you're guilty of something. I may not know what it is, but your facial expression says enough.

I like rap songs. Okay so I may have just ruined rap music for all of you for the rest of your life, but nerdy girl music isn't all I listen to.... I listen to country too. 

Your happiness is my happiness. You may think that teachers are out to get you, that we all want to ruin your life, that we want to get you grounded, etc.; but it's just the opposite. I personally have watched many of you come into middle school as a 6th grader and progress right before my eyes into a teenager headed to high school. I care about your attitude, I care about your grades, I care about your home life. When you're in pain, I'm in pain with you. And although you think I'm hard on you, it's out of love. I care for your well being as if you were my own children and I will do anything in my power to help you reach your fullest potential. 

And lastly. I try really hard to laugh at all your jokes so I don't hurt your self-esteem, but you make it really hard sometimes. Ok so I may have just laughed at my own joke. Who's surprised?

Insert awkward salutation here,
Your counselor.

Ok anyways, 

Summer Bucket List Update: I've done a whole bunch of things, none of which have been on my summer bucket list, except one. Lay in bed all day. I think it's fair game to substitute couch for bed and say that this happened. Best friend visits for a solid week vacation, an entire day on the couch with lots of snacks is necessary. I need to commit and make at least one of the other things happen this week.

And just because I haven't had anything for you to look at, here are some pics from my bestfriend-cation.

Lunch at the Yucatan Beach Stand
Always walk the pier after lunch. Always see these guys. Always a little scared of them.
The causeway was so peaceful.
And of course, a night out.

Absolutely loved getting to spend time with this girl, definitely some top summer moments! What have been your favorite things to do this summer so far?

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June 18, 2015

Things that make my heart happy.

Over the last few years I've spent a lot of time getting to know myself. It took a lot to open my eyes on figuring out who I am and who I'm intended to be. I say it that way because who I was definitely wasn't who I was intended to be, and I finally got with the program. I've learned that I have to take deliberate steps in life if I want to grow into my full potential (which is a continual work in progress). I don't plan to go through all the details right this minute, but here's one thing for now:

I think that I need to incorporate things that make my heart happy in my everyday life. This might sound like a silly statement to you because duh, why wouldn't we ALL want to do that?! Well, I think that a lot of us forget that making our hearts happy should be one of our top priorities. We get so tied up in the world and our heart happiness is always the first to go when the going gets tough. I was going to make more of an argument of why I think making my heart happy is important, but I think this will work:

Insert mic drop here.

Just kidding. But if that was real life that would be a really intense mic drop. The Bible itself supports my theory on keeping our hearts happy.

Anyways, now that I've completely gone haywire with my ideas I'll get to my point. Here are things that can almost always make my heart happy, so for that reason I try to incorporate them into my routine frequently.

Homemade Biscuits and Gravy. 
It reminds me of home. My dad taught me how to make B & G when I was younger and while I don't do it often, when I do my heart loves it. (Maybe not my heart health, but my heart happiness does and that's the point right?)

Here's my recipe.
Just kidding, it's a secret. But if you really want it, leave a comment and I will send it to you.

My dog.
I know, most of y'all think I'm some crazy dog lady, which is kind of true. I'm not crazy about all dogs, but I am pretty crazy about mine. There is absolutely nothing better than coming home after a long day and seeing my girl laying in the sun outside and perking up because she sees me pulling in the driveway. Then comes some serious invasive-ness on her part, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Reading a good book.
Getting completely lost in the story line of a good book is one of my favorite things of all time, but especially when I'm feeling a little down or homesick. You just can't beat it. Any good book suggestions? I am always looking to add to my list, especially during summer!

And finally, Being wrapped up in a bunch of blankets.
I saw this.

And then this happened:

Our version of a nest. I can't take credit for making it (Thanks Mr. L), but definitely will be the one enjoying it! Happy Thursday, I'm ready to catch up on some shows!

June 10, 2015

I couldn't live without...lists.

Okay so who's surprised? I love lists. I like to make them on post it notes, my white board at school, and especially my chalkboard wall. I don’t know what it is about lists, but it gives me a feeling of accomplishment to be able to mark something off a list. Imagine how excited I get when a WHOLE LIST is marked off! Whaaaat?!! Okay, I need to quit.

That being said, here is my summer bucket list. These are all things that I think can reasonably be done before school starts in the Fall. However, this is the first time I've created a bucket list so I may need to add more stuff to it if I get them all done quick. Here they are:

Get a tattoo.
I was going to provide a picture here, but I have a few ideas that I want to combine so I better just wait until I get it to share.

Go on an airboat ride.
Who WOULDN'T want to do this?! I want to see alllll the gators!

Take the Key West Express.
Day boat ride to Key West. Seeing places I've never seen=happiness. 

Lay in bed all day at least once. 
This would be my heaven. (Maybe throw a pizza in there to complete the heaven-esque scene.)

Plant flowers.
Not 100% sure how great of an idea this is. I've never been able to actually keep a plant alive... what do they call that? The black thumb of death? Not sure, but I'm willing to give it another try.

Go to a farmers market.
I always say I'm going to go, then Publix ends up being my destination out of convenience. I NEED to get to a farmer's market soon!

Unplug from the world for one full day.
This is what I picture happening when I do. I can dream right?

Set up a projector and screen in the man cave.
This one is important, because even though the man cave isn't technically mine.....everything in the house is mine. Right ladies?! But honestly, I do love movies and Netflix marathons and being able to watch them on a big projector screen would be amazing.

Make real homemade ice cream.
I've made paleo ice cream in the ice cream maker we got as a wedding gift several times, but think I owe it to the ice cream maker (and my belly) to make some really real real ice cream- dairy and all. Do you have any good homemade ice cream recipes?

See a beach sunrise.
No explanation needed.

Practice Spanish. 
Hola, como estas? Mi espanglish es malo? <---not sure.

Eat a cronut.
A cross between a croissant and a donut. Genius! Holy flaky pastry. Mmmm.

Summer flies by so quickly, I don't want to waste a minute of it! I'm even hoping that I do WAY MORE stuff than is listed here, but since this is my first summer bucket list I didn't want to go too crazy! 

P.S. I didn't add this to the list because it's already happening, but I get to spend 7 whole days with my best friend starting in roughly 2 hours! I CAN'T WAIT! Let the bucket list activities begin!

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June 08, 2015

Later dude.

Today is the last teacher work day of the year and that means a few different things to me. One thing is it's time to create my summer bucket list! While I do have 2 months off, it flies by before I know it and I am totally not one of those people who can just rest all summer. So keep an eye out for my bucket list coming soon.

Second is saying goodbye to people who are switching schools. This is inevitable in teacher world, especially being in the Marsh. There's a lot of turnover. It gets exhausting working with such a high risk population of students, so people usually devote a few years then take off for other ventures. This year several of my favorite OG's are headed off to different places, but even more importantly the dynamic duo of counseling is parting ways. Let me elaborate.

I moved to Florida in 2012 and immediately started working at the Marsh. As much as I hate to admit this, I would have to say that my co-counselor was probably my first Florida friend. He's like the extra brother I never wanted, but got anyway. And if you know the two of us you know that statement couldn't be more true. Sometimes we're friends, sometimes we could punch each other (and actually have a couple times), we've had friendly and not so friendly arguments, and witnessed some of each others best and worst ideas, we've played a ton of pranks, and done some really awesome class lessons but most importantly we have spent the last 3 years growing and creating so much life change not only in ourselves, but in the people around us. It's been an exciting, fun, chaotic journey and it's bittersweet to see it end.

What I do know though is that there are big things in store for us both in the next year. Partner-in-crime is moving on to high school and will be in charge of a human baby woman (how he describes it) in August. As for me, I'm going to hold down the fort at the Marsh. Don't worry, I foresee my counselor life getting really interesting next year. As for now I plan to enjoy my summer and spend time working to gear up for next year. Until next time...

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June 01, 2015

It's Monday, don't forget to be awesome.

I had really good intentions of writing a 5 on Friday post, however life happened. And by life I mean 100 things plus our 8th grade promotion and dance. I wish I had a pedometer on Friday because I swear I probably took a bazillion steps.

We had a packed house for the promotion ceremony then an awesome Mardi Gras themed dance for the kids.

My friend Janna (pictured above) did a great job planning the whole thing. We ran into a little snafu with a Fedex delivery and so off we went to fill a boatload of balloons with helium 2 hours before the dance. And to clarify, I only drove. She did all the work and her daughter caught a quick nap before the balloons came out.

I did however help stuff my car FULL of helium filled balloons.

All in all it turned out great and I actually got a little choked up because this is the first class my school has had for all 3 middle school years. I would have to say that a lot of the gray hairs my head has been over run with could be attributed to them as well. (Don't worry I don't just let them fly).

And that my friends was the highlight of my Friday. I realize I skipped Saturday and Sunday but that's because nothing noteworthy really happened. Mr. L and I had a nice relaxing weekend. I will say that this is kind of how I woke up this morning though. 

Sooo... I might have skipped the gym and slept a couple extra hours. Usually if I skip the gym I have a guilty conscience where I'm like mannnn.. I'm never going to be in shape because I skipped the gym. This morning however, I did not. Because that extra sleep was GLORIOUS and I had an amazing, refreshing, great start to my week. This about sums it up.

Happy Monday everyone! PS- it's EXTRA happy for me because it's the last Monday of the school year! 4 more days with students! (Not that I'm counting or anything.)

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