May 06, 2015

I couldn't live without

At the risk of being really annoying, I need to write about my friends.

Why? Because I’m seriously not sure I could survive or navigate this life without them. I have two sets of best friends (I moved to Florida two and a half years ago so I decided I can have two sets.) They are my Indiana friends and my Ya-Ya friends. They are both different and unique in their own ways, but both so important to holding my hot mess life together the happiness of my heart. Let me tell you about them.

My Indiana friends have been around for a long time. They’ve been there through every major event in my life. They’ve seen the good, the bad, and the REALLY ugly. The saying is true when it comes to them- God made us friends, because NOBODY could handle us as siblings. By ourselves we're all crazy, together is just scary; but I wouldn't have it any other way. This is for you guys:

Then there's my Ya-Ya friends. They are people I met when I moved to Florida. I haven’t known them quite as long as my Indiana friends, but this group of people is more like family. I actually refer to them as my Florida family when I tell people about them. I have no doubt in my mind that they were all put in my life for specific reasons. They all took me in and made me a part of their families when I moved 1,000 miles away from my own; and for that I am forever grateful.

Life just really wasn't intended to be lived alone and I somehow got SUPER lucky in the friend department.

Now here I am, all in my feelings and stuff... Remember what I said about using the kids slang in 5 things that happen when you work in a middle school.... super awkies.

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  1. thank God for good friends!! i don't know what I would do without my friends either!

    1. for real!! :) i'd have lost my head a long time ago.