May 20, 2015

I couldn't live without. Memories.

This morning one of my friends posted a picture from timehop on Facebook and tagged me in it. I hadn’t really thought about it, but on this day 7 years ago I graduated college! What an awesome memory that I wouldn’t have remembered if she hadn’t posted the picture this morning. So that got me thinking, how could we ever live without memories?

Bethany, Heather, Breejal, and myself. Franklin College graduation.
Not just good memories, but all memories. I truly feel that your memories (and experiences) help you to grow into who you are today. You could remember something awesome and it might inspire you or pump you up to do something big. You could remember a bad choice you made and it might deter you from going down that road again. (Don’t feel bad that one has happened to me many a couple times.)

Don't feel bad, it happens to the best of us.
Now I’m not saying to constantly live in the past because that’s something I’m trying to shy away from myself, but it’s nice to sit and reminisce on stuff occasionally. Especially when you’re like me- feeling like your life is flying by so quickly, I like to stop and think about things I’ve done in the past and appreciate where I’ve been. If I hadn’t been at that place in the past, I may not have ended up where I'm at now. So it all evens out right? That leads me to this quote that I came across somewhere (I would love to give credit to someone- but I have no idea who said it).

Since we're all in agreement that memories help make us who we are (at least I'll just go ahead and assume we're all in agreement) I guess I need to continue making new ones right? That’s a good enough excuse for me to go do something fun that I will remember down the road! And in true Counselor with a Cape fashion- here is my newest memory:

That's my partner in counseling & crime in the front. To the person who's door now has a classroom set up right in front of it, you're welcome.

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  1. i love timehop!! and i love thinking about where we were that day years past!! hope you have a great weekend!