May 22, 2015

5 Things I love...

5. Strawberry Shortcake Larabars. They re-ignited my interest in Larabars a little. I was over them for awhile. I think I'll make some at home this weekend and share the recipe with you guys because they are gold!

 4. Johnny Rockets. I didn't even know I loved Johnny Rockets until I had gone on Royal Caribbean cruises (both the boats I've been on have their own Johnny Rockets on board). Well, now I know I love them and I want some tonight.

3. When my bosses decided that I get to start carrying a radio. What I like to refer to as a GPS ankle monitor. Now they can find me anywhere I am during the day. I used to go hide out in classrooms to hang out with kids and avoid adults. Sigh, now I'm expected to answer back on the radio. The perk of this: knowing when stuff goes down in the building when I didn't before. Yeah I know, quit being nosy.

2. Throwing parties for co-workers when they are at a big milestone in life. This morning our Lighthouse Team threw a baby shower for my partner in counseling/crime because he and his wife are expecting a baby girl in August. He got to play a fun game where he was blindfolded and had to change a dirty diaper as well as open lots of gifts. Baby Fwances (They don't have a name picked out yet and this is how he refers to his unborn daughter, makes me laugh every time.) is loved so much already.

Creepy baby doll a.k.a. "Chris Rahn" getting in on the action.
1. Our annual Dodgeball Tournament. It was so awesome. I plan to devote a post on the specifics of planning a fundraising event in a school, because that's really what it was. But it doubled up as an awesome, fun event where we got to get together with our students and hang out. There were 12 student teams and 2 teacher teams.... and of course the teachers won. Duh. We were really proud of beating the kids in dodgeball which cracks me up. Knock them down, just to lift them back up again. That's my motto. (Mostly just kidding, but not about being pumped that we beat the kids- most of them are BIGGER than me!)

The golden dodgeball. I made this with the assistance of Mr. L.

Have the best Memorial Day ever! This long weekend couldn't have come at a better time!

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  1. Haha! I always wanted a radio because I'm nosy too and want to know what's going on... but they don't give them to teachers! Boo! :-P