May 15, 2015

5 on Friday. Questions.

5. Why have I cried so much this week? I'm talking full on, UGLY cry.

4. Did anyone else out there not realize that Frogs have bowel movements as big as small cats? (I saw it for myself right in front of my lanai door and couldn't figure out for the life of me what animal was using my welcome mat as a restroom.)

3. Why did a man think it was okay to come up to me at teacher recruitment yesterday and say he was only turning his resume in if he didn't have to be at work before 9am?

2. Does anyone out there visualize cheat meals in their head hours in advance like I do? There is NOTHING like having REAL pizza night. Not paleo pizza, not gluten free pizza, not "fast food" pizza, but really just food snob heaven amazing pizza. No? Don't lie.

1. Why did I feel like drinking half a Redline Xtreme yesterday was a good idea? (I have the other half so I can make a bad decision and finish it today.) Me, me, pick me, I have the answer! I think it's because of this:

This seriously made me laugh. I think I've made this statement once or twice in reference to my middle schoolers: "OMG they're like herding cats".

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Linking up again today because everyone always posts awesome 5 on Friday stuff. Check them out.


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  1. I totally agree about pizza. There is just nothing like the real deal. Same with bacon.

    A weird guess about that man's resume: I have heard of people who want to keep receiving unemployment benefits (and not work), but they must prove that they are searching for they purposely act ridiculous when turning in resumes or being interviewed. I wonder if he was trying this. Ugh. Annoying.