May 27, 2015

It's okay to have the feels sometimes.

A recurring thought I've had this week came from something that was said to me recently by my friend Kayley. She said, "being a person is hard sometimes." I didn't know this was part of a whole statement that originated with Kid President. Not surprised. He is going to be great at adult-ing one day.

Anyways, I do think this is very true for a lot of us. Are you ever in that boat where life just keeps throwing more and more stuff at you? What do you do? That brings me to this: if you died tomorrow would you have lived a completely fulfilled, happy life? I, for one, don't know many people who could answer that 100% yes. Why is that? Is it because we want life to be easier, but we are actually complicating it more and more everyday? How do you get back to the basics? Back to when life was more simple. Here are a few ways I've come to find out really help in keeping me grounded, especially when I'm feeling like hiding under my comforter is a better choice than going to work.

1. Write out your dreams. Where do you see yourself in the future?
2. Say no. It's OKAY to not do everything you're asked to do.
3. Enjoy where you're at in life. This whole life is a process. If you don't enjoy the process what does that leave you with?
4. Let God lead. Get out of his way. NOW! God has something spectacular planned for your life, but he can't get you there if you don't let him. "Your word is a lamp before my feet and a light for my journey." (Psalms 119:105 CEB)

You only get one life. Live it awesomely. Be alive. Experience things. It's okay to just be. Enjoy the ride.

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May 22, 2015

5 Things I love...

5. Strawberry Shortcake Larabars. They re-ignited my interest in Larabars a little. I was over them for awhile. I think I'll make some at home this weekend and share the recipe with you guys because they are gold!

 4. Johnny Rockets. I didn't even know I loved Johnny Rockets until I had gone on Royal Caribbean cruises (both the boats I've been on have their own Johnny Rockets on board). Well, now I know I love them and I want some tonight.

3. When my bosses decided that I get to start carrying a radio. What I like to refer to as a GPS ankle monitor. Now they can find me anywhere I am during the day. I used to go hide out in classrooms to hang out with kids and avoid adults. Sigh, now I'm expected to answer back on the radio. The perk of this: knowing when stuff goes down in the building when I didn't before. Yeah I know, quit being nosy.

2. Throwing parties for co-workers when they are at a big milestone in life. This morning our Lighthouse Team threw a baby shower for my partner in counseling/crime because he and his wife are expecting a baby girl in August. He got to play a fun game where he was blindfolded and had to change a dirty diaper as well as open lots of gifts. Baby Fwances (They don't have a name picked out yet and this is how he refers to his unborn daughter, makes me laugh every time.) is loved so much already.

Creepy baby doll a.k.a. "Chris Rahn" getting in on the action.
1. Our annual Dodgeball Tournament. It was so awesome. I plan to devote a post on the specifics of planning a fundraising event in a school, because that's really what it was. But it doubled up as an awesome, fun event where we got to get together with our students and hang out. There were 12 student teams and 2 teacher teams.... and of course the teachers won. Duh. We were really proud of beating the kids in dodgeball which cracks me up. Knock them down, just to lift them back up again. That's my motto. (Mostly just kidding, but not about being pumped that we beat the kids- most of them are BIGGER than me!)

The golden dodgeball. I made this with the assistance of Mr. L.

Have the best Memorial Day ever! This long weekend couldn't have come at a better time!

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May 20, 2015

I couldn't live without. Memories.

This morning one of my friends posted a picture from timehop on Facebook and tagged me in it. I hadn’t really thought about it, but on this day 7 years ago I graduated college! What an awesome memory that I wouldn’t have remembered if she hadn’t posted the picture this morning. So that got me thinking, how could we ever live without memories?

Bethany, Heather, Breejal, and myself. Franklin College graduation.
Not just good memories, but all memories. I truly feel that your memories (and experiences) help you to grow into who you are today. You could remember something awesome and it might inspire you or pump you up to do something big. You could remember a bad choice you made and it might deter you from going down that road again. (Don’t feel bad that one has happened to me many a couple times.)

Don't feel bad, it happens to the best of us.
Now I’m not saying to constantly live in the past because that’s something I’m trying to shy away from myself, but it’s nice to sit and reminisce on stuff occasionally. Especially when you’re like me- feeling like your life is flying by so quickly, I like to stop and think about things I’ve done in the past and appreciate where I’ve been. If I hadn’t been at that place in the past, I may not have ended up where I'm at now. So it all evens out right? That leads me to this quote that I came across somewhere (I would love to give credit to someone- but I have no idea who said it).

Since we're all in agreement that memories help make us who we are (at least I'll just go ahead and assume we're all in agreement) I guess I need to continue making new ones right? That’s a good enough excuse for me to go do something fun that I will remember down the road! And in true Counselor with a Cape fashion- here is my newest memory:

That's my partner in counseling & crime in the front. To the person who's door now has a classroom set up right in front of it, you're welcome.

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May 15, 2015

5 on Friday. Questions.

5. Why have I cried so much this week? I'm talking full on, UGLY cry.

4. Did anyone else out there not realize that Frogs have bowel movements as big as small cats? (I saw it for myself right in front of my lanai door and couldn't figure out for the life of me what animal was using my welcome mat as a restroom.)

3. Why did a man think it was okay to come up to me at teacher recruitment yesterday and say he was only turning his resume in if he didn't have to be at work before 9am?

2. Does anyone out there visualize cheat meals in their head hours in advance like I do? There is NOTHING like having REAL pizza night. Not paleo pizza, not gluten free pizza, not "fast food" pizza, but really just food snob heaven amazing pizza. No? Don't lie.

1. Why did I feel like drinking half a Redline Xtreme yesterday was a good idea? (I have the other half so I can make a bad decision and finish it today.) Me, me, pick me, I have the answer! I think it's because of this:

This seriously made me laugh. I think I've made this statement once or twice in reference to my middle schoolers: "OMG they're like herding cats".

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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May 14, 2015

I couldn't live without....Sunshine.

With the end of the year quickly approaching my schedule is filling up with things I have to do, like tying up loose ends and whatnot. Those of you who work in schools definitely know what I'm talking about! Educators seriously wear themselves out and NEEEEED summer vacation so they can breathe and refresh for the next school year of craziness!

So, speaking of summer vacation. Something I can't live without is SUNSHINE!

I know that's a little cliche of me considering I live in Florida-The Sunshine State. But really, it's nice to look outside and have a constant reminder that the world can be a bright place full of awesome opportunities everyday. Granted in the summer that sunshine makes things a little toasty down here. Honestly though, I don't know that I could ever live in snow and cold temps again! I have tropical blood now (I don't think I made that up at all). It's the kind where any temperature below 70 degrees gives you a slight chill when you walk out the door. Sad, very sad considering I grew up in Southern Indiana...but what can I say? I'm a Florida girl now and I firmly believe spending time outdoors is like decompressing.

Today I felt like I just needed to stop and appreciate it. Everyday I see and hear people who have so much trouble appreciating what this life has to offer instead of complaining and living in negativity.

The simplicity of seeing the sun rise reminds me that this life doesn't always have to be so complicated.
Definitely took the opportunity to snap a selfie. Just be thankful I wasn't flexing!

Remember people, you only get one life. Make the most of it. And just because I am 100% so grateful that I get to experience this sunrise almost every morning I wanted to share this verse.

We're nearing the weekend! Hallelujah!

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May 08, 2015

5 things every school counselor should have

5. A yardstick to play the air guitar on. For sad kids of course.

4. A giant handmade Instagram cutout. Because it's cool.

3. Cool glasses. (No explanation needed). Creepy baby doll=added bonus.

2. A Mac with Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. #bae

1. SHARPIES. Lots and lots and lots of SHARPIES. There's something magical about writing with Sharpies.

ALL necessities. All day errday.

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May 06, 2015

I couldn't live without

At the risk of being really annoying, I need to write about my friends.

Why? Because I’m seriously not sure I could survive or navigate this life without them. I have two sets of best friends (I moved to Florida two and a half years ago so I decided I can have two sets.) They are my Indiana friends and my Ya-Ya friends. They are both different and unique in their own ways, but both so important to holding my hot mess life together the happiness of my heart. Let me tell you about them.

My Indiana friends have been around for a long time. They’ve been there through every major event in my life. They’ve seen the good, the bad, and the REALLY ugly. The saying is true when it comes to them- God made us friends, because NOBODY could handle us as siblings. By ourselves we're all crazy, together is just scary; but I wouldn't have it any other way. This is for you guys:

Then there's my Ya-Ya friends. They are people I met when I moved to Florida. I haven’t known them quite as long as my Indiana friends, but this group of people is more like family. I actually refer to them as my Florida family when I tell people about them. I have no doubt in my mind that they were all put in my life for specific reasons. They all took me in and made me a part of their families when I moved 1,000 miles away from my own; and for that I am forever grateful.

Life just really wasn't intended to be lived alone and I somehow got SUPER lucky in the friend department.

Now here I am, all in my feelings and stuff... Remember what I said about using the kids slang in 5 things that happen when you work in a middle school.... super awkies.

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May 01, 2015

5 Things that inevitably happen when you work at a middle school.

5. Your selective hearing skills improve immensely. (NOT always a good thing.)

4. Caffeine is no longer just a welcome addition to your day, it's a necessity. (See I couldn't live without.)

3. You catch yourself using the same slang the kids use. (MAJOR cringe face when I caught myself saying "yo", "what up", and "oh hey girl hey" among other things.

2.Your conversations with people get less and less adult-like.

1. It becomes acceptable to make fart noises anytime you want to.

Keeping it short and sweet AND Linking up today for 5 on Friday!



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