April 30, 2015

I couldn't live without...

Caffeine. There’s just something about it. That first cup of caffeinated liquid in the morning makes my heart happy.  I promise I have my best, most awesome ideas and thoughts during my first caffeine encounter of the day. It’s all dark outside and super quiet inside. Totally magical. Like maybe I could conquer the world, or do something with world peace. Anybody else like that? No? Just me?

This is me. I put off the work I want done awesomely until I get some caffeine. :)

Okay so that got a little out of hand; but I do like my caffeine quite a bit. That being said, here are my top picks.

Energy drink: Advocare Spark. I've written about it before, but it deserves another 800 shoutouts. (I'm not even getting compensated for this, I just love it that much) Favorite flavors- Mango Strawberry and Grape.

Little bottle drinks: Visalus Go. It only comes in grape, but I just so happen to love grape. This stuff is pretty amazing. NO jitters, no crash. Just feeling like a million bucks!

Coffee: Peets- CafĂ© Domingo. And Starbucks- Pike Place Roast comes in a close second. (Add a little stevia and coconut milk and it’s complete heaven.)

Now here is the most important question: what’s your favorite way to get caffeinated? Hook a sista up! Let me know what’s on the top of your list.

***Tiny disclaimer. I don't go super crazy on caffeine. I usually have 1 cup of coffee in the morning and somedays after lunch I'll have some spark or a go shot. :) Somedays just require a little more umph than others.

Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Ugh, I love coffee. So much. I haven't been drinking caffeine since becoming pregnant, and it's been a real struggle. Yesterday, I actually caved and got a drink at Starbucks with half caff instead of just doing decaf... and it was heavenly. I don't like any energy drinks or anything like that, though.

  2. I always start my day with a nice, big cup (or two!) of coffee... and sometimes in the afternoon too. Sometimes a good shot of Mio Energy with my water helps give me a little pick me up in the afternoon without making me feel to wired

  3. Amen to that morning coffee!!! As a fellow 3-cup a dayer, idk what is going to happen when I get pregnant....the world may very well come crashing down haha! Pikes Peak is typically what I get at sbux if I do not order a vanilla latte. I, however, get my best ideas a night! And if left up to me I could save the world before 2am most nights lol!