April 09, 2015

I couldn't live without...

In the last few months I have re-discovered how much I love to read. #NERDALERT. When I was younger I read constantly, you would NEVER catch me without a book nearby. Once I got to college it started dwindling off a little because… well… college happened. I had to study and when I wasn’t studying I was doing college-y type things. During my master’s program I barely had time to finish the assigned reading, let alone think of reading for fun. So, honestly I think in the years following my graduate work I forgot how much I loved to read.

Fast forward. My co-counselor and I have a binder that we use to stay organized each week. The front page in the binder is where we write down our lifelong dreams and goals. One day I found myself writing down “find something I love to do”. I am a natural “hobbyist”. Yes, I made that term up… I think. So, I’ll make up the definition too. It’s someone who’s good at hobbies or has lots of hobbies. For example: I like to paint wine glasses, make jewelry, coupon occasionally, play softball, cook, read, etc. The list just goes on and on. But out of that list of things that I can do or like to do, what did I love? I wasn’t really sure. Until now.

Reasons I can’t live without reading:

Words interest me. (So so nerdy).
I find it relaxing.
It allows me to just be still. (Something I struggle with constantly).
I enjoy the quiet time.
I love the smell of old books.
I love the atmosphere in an old book store or the library.
It brings me peace.
I like to imagine the characters in my head.

All that being said. Over spring break I read 3 books. It was glorious. One of them I wanted to tell you about called “Until You’re Mine” written by: Samantha Hayes.

I started this book because I saw some good reviews on it. I LOVE a book that just reels me in and keeps me wanting to read non-stop. This book did it. It was interesting, the story is told through different characters, and I never even imagined the ending… at all. You know sometimes how you’re like “yeah this person probably did it..blah blah.” Not in this book.

I don't want to spoil it so here is a link to the book. I highly recommend it. However, if you are currently an expecting mother…you might wait until you've already  given birth. That’s all.

I received this book from blogging for books for this review.

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