March 26, 2015

I couldn't live without....

At the risk of feeling and sounding super cheesy, I’m going to go ahead and put out there what everyone already knows. I couldn’t live without Rooney. Yes, that’s my dog. Yes, she’s my best non-human friend. And yes, I’d rather spend time with her than be out doing anything else. Some people think it’s crazy that a dog can be that important. But to me it’s more than that.

First, let me tell you how I got Rooney. I was transporting a child from the group home I worked at to his mother’s house for a family team meeting. When I got there his mom had a tiny barely 5lb puppy running around. Apparently someone had abandoned a box of puppies under her trailer. She had found homes for the other puppies and only had this one left. Of course I picked her up and pet her a little, noticed she was completely covered in fleas too. I felt her just pulling at my heart strings. (I am a SUCKER for animals). And so, at the end of that meeting that little pup came home with me.


From the moment I saw this dog I loved her. We played, snuggled, went on walks, swam in the river….We even played on the playground together sometimes.

She came into my life at a time when I was really missing my dad who passed away and I needed her just as much as she needed me. That being said… we were pretty much attached at the hip.

She’s really special to me for that reason. Fast forward a little and now here we are. Rooney is 6 years old. She’s a lazy (and sometimes grouchy) old woman. But I LOVE her just the same. We love taking pictures and celebrating Christmas…I think.

But sometimes she’s so lazy she has to be dragged out of bed in the morning.

Even when she spent almost an entire year destroying my roommates underwear drawer….she would redeem herself by doing cute things like this when she was in trouble.

She begs, jumps on me (& guests) sometimes, gets on the furniture, thinks the garbage can is a buffet, and runs from me when it’s bath time….but this dog is and always will be my first love- (I almost said first child, but then you’d REALLY think I’m a crazy dog lady). She’s the filler of a huge void in my heart. The excitement and love I always need when I come home. My best best best non-human friend. My Rooney girl.

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  1. Omg Kylie, I definitely got teary-eyed reading your post! I couldn't live without my pups either! Also, I can't believe that I haven't been reading your blog until now because I was a former middle school teacher, and I'm hoping to rejoin the ranks again soon!

  2. Awe! So cute! We couldn't live without our Baxter either :) Stopping by from the link up!

  3. I totally understand! I am getting very very attached to Cornflake, even thought she is a cat not a dog lol! She doesn't quite understand personal space and will come in the bathroom with me! I don't foresee us going down any slides or her eating any underwear (although a friend of mine's dog eats enough for the two of them lol) but I hope she is still around when I'm 40!

  4. Your puppy is adorable! I'm totally attached to mine & couldn't imagine living without his love and antics!

  5. Aw, she is so cute, and it sounds like you both needed each other so much!! Glad you have her! :)

  6. that last picture is so cute!!! and I completely understand the love for dogs! and how they can be your best friend!