March 07, 2015

All Kinds of Wedding Magic

Every little girl dreams of their wedding day. EVERY. Single. One. Don’t let anyone lie to you and say they don’t because at some point even if it’s just for a split second they do picture it.

1 week ago I actually got to see my own fairy tale begin. If you start to gag and throw up in your mouth when you hear mush- you might want to stop reading now because this post is full of just that. MUSH ON MUSH ON MUSH.

One word that sums up my weekend is magic. When I think back to it I see glitter, sparkles, mint, heart pounding, lip quivering, shaky hands, teary eyes…and the list goes on. It’s almost like the world stopped moving so I could have my special day. (Except the rain in Naples, that unfortunately did not stop moving until after the ceremony which was intended to be outdoors) and guess what? At that point I really didn't care where my ceremony was as long as all my loved ones were there.

Something I remembered when thinking about my wedding day is that when I grew up I loved the movie “It takes two”, if you aren’t familiar- it’s a really corny Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movie from 1995 that’s supposed to be a spin-off of The Parent Trap. Don’t judge me, I was a nerdy little girl that loved nerdy little girl kind of movies. The point is, there is a quote from the movie that stuck with me- “it’s got to be that can’t-eat, can’t-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, World Series kind of stuff.” The reason I’m bringing that up is because I experienced that exact feeling this weekend.

Sitting in the back area waiting for everyone to line up my heart was pounding, standing up to get in line my legs were shaking, waiting for my turn to walk and my brother silently walks around behind me, grabs my train and fluffs it. I never thought in a million years I’d be okay with someone other than my father (who passed away almost 8 years ago) walking me down the aisle; but it turned out just perfectly. When we rounded the corner to walk down the aisle I literally had to fight the tears back. So hard that my lip was visibly quivering. I saw everyone I loved and at the end of the aisle there was my best friend and he was surrounded by my other best friends. (Don’t mind me over here tearing up a little as I write this….)


My point is that I could never have imagined it being the way it truly was. This is when I genuinely have to stop and thank the Lord because he ALWAYS provides. I never thought my life could be what it is now. I never thought after things that have happened in my past, people I’ve hurt, people I’ve been hurt by, people I’ve lost, etc. that I would find someone who understands (and even when he doesn’t understand) he continues to accept me for who I am and where I’m at knowing that I am always a work in progress.

Also, let me give a special shout out to these two ladies who went above and beyond to make the day amazing. Couldn't live without the two of you!

So that being said, what you see here is a peek at some of my favorite shots from the wedding. These are not professional pictures, those are still a few weeks away from seeing the sunlight. But sometimes these shots are the ones that capture so much of what I love. I hope that you enjoy them. And don’t worry- not all of my posts are this full of mush so this is really mostly an exception.


If you were a guest at our wedding and you have pictures on your phone or camera that I haven't seen I would LOVE for you to send them to me. I can't get enough of all the photos I've seen (Check back soon- I have TONS more so I will set up a page here just to share them).

Love you ALL. Family, friends, acquaintances. Thank you for making my day exactly what I had always imagined. And for sticking with this post long enough to read it all.

Adios- K


  1. what a beautiful bride and perfect day!

  2. After reading today's post, I just HAD to go back at look at wedding pics! You were such a beautiful bride and it looked like such a fun day!!