March 20, 2015

Things that could be considered crazy

5. The number of times I've looked up SeaWorld this week because I’m going tomorrow. Yes I am nearing 30, and yes I’m still excited. (I haven’t seen the movie Blackfish and I know I will ugly-cry and boycott SeaWorld if I ever do so let me enjoy tomorrow first.)

4. How much I LOVE punching things. That sounds horribly offensive and like I am super crazy, but to clarify- I do Krav Maga and just started going back to my Level 2 classes. I forgot how much it helps me de-stress at the end of a hard day. Curious about Krav? Check out these links! Click here for a quick history lesson and description; but if you are in the area and interested in trying out a class check out New World: Krav Maga & Crossfit.

3. The new fashion trend of joggers. My students LOVE joggers. I don’t even know what more to say about this. I know I shouldn't be surprised of this fashion trend, but they just weird me out.

2. The fact that saying a simple prayer can give you the energy you need to get through a tough day. My last post talked about how I am currently running on fumes, and because of that I have definitely relied on God A LOT this week to get me through.

1. That as a school we collected 2,460 cans to donate to CCMI (a local soup kitchen), that our students were able to feel what it’s like to give back, and that a parent who has received donations from the soup kitchen in the past was able to bring in 272 cans for her daughter’s class because she wanted to pay it forward. UNREAL.

Motivational box created by Kayley Ingle

I can't even. This is just amazing.

Happy Friday!!
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