March 27, 2015

5 things that could be considered crazy

5. I went to 6 am CrossFit this morning and did 15.5. I don’t think I need to explain that one. This is going to be me tomorrow.

4. Yesterday two girls were trying to stir stuff up and get in a fight so after the assistant principal did her spiel with them, we (my co-counselor and myself) had them both do a hopscotch game in the hallway (mapped out with breath mints) know…to end on a positive note. Took a video of them doing it. WISH I could post it here. We may or may not have told them if the problems persisted we were going to air the video on the school news. MAY OR MAY NOT have done that last part.

3. My love of a good hamburger. The reason I say hamburger is because cheese isn't paleo, so I usually don’t put cheese on it. But think about it. A really good hamburger is mouthwatering. The fact that a hamburger is paleo approved is also amazing in life. I just can’t. I love food.

2. Mr. L slept in the spare room last night because he knew I needed sleep desperately so I would actually get up at 4:50 am and make it to the gym. That guy, he’s definitely a keeper.

1. The fact that we waited exactly one month after our wedding to go on our honeymoon. What were we thinking? Oh I know, I was trying to be responsible and not take any more days off than I had to so using my spring break for our honeymoon...that seemed logical at the time. Let me tell you, it has been a LONG. TREACHEROUS. WAIT.

So here we are, it’s FRIDAY…it’s SPRING BREAK…and our honeymoon starts TOMORROW!

I’ll catch up with you guys in a little over a week! 

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March 26, 2015

I couldn't live without....

At the risk of feeling and sounding super cheesy, I’m going to go ahead and put out there what everyone already knows. I couldn’t live without Rooney. Yes, that’s my dog. Yes, she’s my best non-human friend. And yes, I’d rather spend time with her than be out doing anything else. Some people think it’s crazy that a dog can be that important. But to me it’s more than that.

First, let me tell you how I got Rooney. I was transporting a child from the group home I worked at to his mother’s house for a family team meeting. When I got there his mom had a tiny barely 5lb puppy running around. Apparently someone had abandoned a box of puppies under her trailer. She had found homes for the other puppies and only had this one left. Of course I picked her up and pet her a little, noticed she was completely covered in fleas too. I felt her just pulling at my heart strings. (I am a SUCKER for animals). And so, at the end of that meeting that little pup came home with me.


From the moment I saw this dog I loved her. We played, snuggled, went on walks, swam in the river….We even played on the playground together sometimes.

She came into my life at a time when I was really missing my dad who passed away and I needed her just as much as she needed me. That being said… we were pretty much attached at the hip.

She’s really special to me for that reason. Fast forward a little and now here we are. Rooney is 6 years old. She’s a lazy (and sometimes grouchy) old woman. But I LOVE her just the same. We love taking pictures and celebrating Christmas…I think.

But sometimes she’s so lazy she has to be dragged out of bed in the morning.

Even when she spent almost an entire year destroying my roommates underwear drawer….she would redeem herself by doing cute things like this when she was in trouble.

She begs, jumps on me (& guests) sometimes, gets on the furniture, thinks the garbage can is a buffet, and runs from me when it’s bath time….but this dog is and always will be my first love- (I almost said first child, but then you’d REALLY think I’m a crazy dog lady). She’s the filler of a huge void in my heart. The excitement and love I always need when I come home. My best best best non-human friend. My Rooney girl.

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March 20, 2015

Things that could be considered crazy

5. The number of times I've looked up SeaWorld this week because I’m going tomorrow. Yes I am nearing 30, and yes I’m still excited. (I haven’t seen the movie Blackfish and I know I will ugly-cry and boycott SeaWorld if I ever do so let me enjoy tomorrow first.)

4. How much I LOVE punching things. That sounds horribly offensive and like I am super crazy, but to clarify- I do Krav Maga and just started going back to my Level 2 classes. I forgot how much it helps me de-stress at the end of a hard day. Curious about Krav? Check out these links! Click here for a quick history lesson and description; but if you are in the area and interested in trying out a class check out New World: Krav Maga & Crossfit.

3. The new fashion trend of joggers. My students LOVE joggers. I don’t even know what more to say about this. I know I shouldn't be surprised of this fashion trend, but they just weird me out.

2. The fact that saying a simple prayer can give you the energy you need to get through a tough day. My last post talked about how I am currently running on fumes, and because of that I have definitely relied on God A LOT this week to get me through.

1. That as a school we collected 2,460 cans to donate to CCMI (a local soup kitchen), that our students were able to feel what it’s like to give back, and that a parent who has received donations from the soup kitchen in the past was able to bring in 272 cans for her daughter’s class because she wanted to pay it forward. UNREAL.

Motivational box created by Kayley Ingle

I can't even. This is just amazing.

Happy Friday!!
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March 17, 2015

What do you live for?

This was me this morning at 5:45 am.

I hit the snooze button approximately 3 times, but then I remembered it was jeans day at school and I got super pumped. Why? Because we rarely have jeans days anymore and I LIVE for jeans day. For real! I got up, put a little make-up on, and actually fixed my hair. Anyone who knows me knows I rock the Hermione Granger circa 2001 hair most days (Special thanks to Becker for that one).

But this morning I had a little pep in my step even if I had to pay $2.00 to the Sunshine Committee to be able to wear jeans. That got me thinking which can sometimes lead to trouble, but today led to a blog post.

My thought: “Kylie, you HAVE to start being grateful for the little things or you are not going to make it very far in this world.” I work in a title 1 school, which most of you know is no walk in the park. Sometimes I feel like I am literally running on fumes. But I am grateful that I have a job, that I get to work with kids all day, and that I got to wear jeans today (see I had to throw in some more excitement about jeans day).

But the real point of this post is: life is hectic for everybody. So when is enough, enough? When do you decide your plate is full? When do you rest? What do you do when you’re almost out of steam and it’s only March? How do you refocus? Where do you find your inspiration??

To all my fellow educators out there and anyone else who feels exhausted. Remember these three things:

1. Kids need you. Even when they don’t act like they do.
2. ALL victories (no matter how big or small) should be celebrated.
3. God has your back.

Like I've mentioned before, my co-counselor makes awesome videos that we use here at school to get our presence into all the classrooms. Check them out. You will find some amazing inspiration to fill your tank.

HMMS Counselors Youtube Channel


March 13, 2015

Things that could be considered crazy.

5. The amount of time I’ve spent over the last two weeks looking at wedding photos. It DOES NOT get old! I can't even. I love this picture!

4. The way I've been walking because of the soreness in my legs. It’s kind of embarrassing.

3. Asking a student where their mother works and their answer being….Old People Casino….what does that even mean? And before you assume her mother works at some regular casino, I asked. “She cooks old people hot dogs and gets tipped after they win money on slot machines.” VERBATIM. Figure that out.

2. The number of times today that I have envisioned what my Friday night will look like. Picture the ugliest sweatpants you've ever seen, a giant cheese pizza from pizza 2000, an IV of root beer, and some Kerry Washington because I fell asleep 10 minutes into Scandal last night. I’m living life on the wild side over here.

1. Blowing cherry scented bubbles into an 8th grade classroom at the end of the day on a Friday wearing a raincoat and lab goggles (that were taken off of the skeleton in the science office) and handing out monkeys on key chains. I was only an accomplice, I SWEAR!

Happy Weekend! 
Adios- K

March 11, 2015


A topic that comes up frequently after people are married is cooking. Who does the cooking? Is it good cooking? Is it edible? Do you want to projectile vomit every time you try to eat it? (Okay that last part was taking things a little too far, but you get the idea.) I know something lame that we've all heard at one time or another is how the new wife cooks the worst stuff and burns everything in the beginning and the gentleman-ly husbands eat it anyway.

In our house this isn't normally a problem because Mr. L eats just about anything. And honestly if something I made was super awful I’m not even really sure he’d tell me because he wouldn't want to hurt my feelings. Sweet guy that Mr. L, huh?!

Anyways, over the weekend I decided to try a new recipe. Here’s where I tend to run into trouble. I have an issue with measuring things. I like to make stuff by just eyeballing the amount and throwing it in. This has not always worked out in my favor. I should stop doing that, right? Guess I'll never be a successful baker...

Well this past weekend I attempted to make a new recipe. Since Mr. L and I eat paleo-ish we stick to a meal plan every week. Sometimes I get sick of our normal rotation of meals and want to find new things to throw in. I got this book recently and decided it was time to try it out. I happen to have a new LOVE of spiraling veggies. I'm a picky eater, so making them this way helps me get all the veggies in that I need.

Of course I went straight for the first healthy-ish comfort food recipe I could find though (anyone who knows me won’t be surprised at which recipe I picked.) The problem however, is that it didn't turn out how I hoped and I swear I tried my best to use the exact measurements that the recipe called for! (Mr. L was watching over my shoulder to make sure I did….he knows me too well.) I’m not 100% sure where we went wrong; maybe it was my fault or maybe I just don’t like the recipe. Or maybe someone out there will do a better job of making it and ship me a package full...a girl can dream right? So here's the recipe:

If you decide to try it and it works out for you let me know! If anyone else has luck with this I would LOVE to attempt it again.

I would also like to mention that my review of the recipe was not great, but the book itself really piques my curiosity! It is all recipes made with spiraled veggies so just because the first one didn't work out the way I wanted it to does not mean I'm going to stop there. The book has such awesome colorful pictures of veggie dishes that I can't even resist trying another one. (I think next up is going to be blueberry sweet potato can't go wrong with breakfast food). On a newly-wedded side note: Mr. L did try the dish. We have opposite taste buds so usually anything I don't like Mr. L tends to like, but this time we were both on the same page. (Sorry for the lack of pics of the dish, but it did not look pretty either.)

If you are interested in cooking with veggies like I am HERE is where you can find more information on this book and author.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Do you know any awesome paleo or vegan recipes or websites for a finicky eater? HELLPPPPP meeee! Share them in the comments section please!

March 07, 2015

All Kinds of Wedding Magic

Every little girl dreams of their wedding day. EVERY. Single. One. Don’t let anyone lie to you and say they don’t because at some point even if it’s just for a split second they do picture it.

1 week ago I actually got to see my own fairy tale begin. If you start to gag and throw up in your mouth when you hear mush- you might want to stop reading now because this post is full of just that. MUSH ON MUSH ON MUSH.

One word that sums up my weekend is magic. When I think back to it I see glitter, sparkles, mint, heart pounding, lip quivering, shaky hands, teary eyes…and the list goes on. It’s almost like the world stopped moving so I could have my special day. (Except the rain in Naples, that unfortunately did not stop moving until after the ceremony which was intended to be outdoors) and guess what? At that point I really didn't care where my ceremony was as long as all my loved ones were there.

Something I remembered when thinking about my wedding day is that when I grew up I loved the movie “It takes two”, if you aren’t familiar- it’s a really corny Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movie from 1995 that’s supposed to be a spin-off of The Parent Trap. Don’t judge me, I was a nerdy little girl that loved nerdy little girl kind of movies. The point is, there is a quote from the movie that stuck with me- “it’s got to be that can’t-eat, can’t-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, World Series kind of stuff.” The reason I’m bringing that up is because I experienced that exact feeling this weekend.

Sitting in the back area waiting for everyone to line up my heart was pounding, standing up to get in line my legs were shaking, waiting for my turn to walk and my brother silently walks around behind me, grabs my train and fluffs it. I never thought in a million years I’d be okay with someone other than my father (who passed away almost 8 years ago) walking me down the aisle; but it turned out just perfectly. When we rounded the corner to walk down the aisle I literally had to fight the tears back. So hard that my lip was visibly quivering. I saw everyone I loved and at the end of the aisle there was my best friend and he was surrounded by my other best friends. (Don’t mind me over here tearing up a little as I write this….)


My point is that I could never have imagined it being the way it truly was. This is when I genuinely have to stop and thank the Lord because he ALWAYS provides. I never thought my life could be what it is now. I never thought after things that have happened in my past, people I’ve hurt, people I’ve been hurt by, people I’ve lost, etc. that I would find someone who understands (and even when he doesn’t understand) he continues to accept me for who I am and where I’m at knowing that I am always a work in progress.

Also, let me give a special shout out to these two ladies who went above and beyond to make the day amazing. Couldn't live without the two of you!

So that being said, what you see here is a peek at some of my favorite shots from the wedding. These are not professional pictures, those are still a few weeks away from seeing the sunlight. But sometimes these shots are the ones that capture so much of what I love. I hope that you enjoy them. And don’t worry- not all of my posts are this full of mush so this is really mostly an exception.


If you were a guest at our wedding and you have pictures on your phone or camera that I haven't seen I would LOVE for you to send them to me. I can't get enough of all the photos I've seen (Check back soon- I have TONS more so I will set up a page here just to share them).

Love you ALL. Family, friends, acquaintances. Thank you for making my day exactly what I had always imagined. And for sticking with this post long enough to read it all.

Adios- K