February 10, 2015

Hair of the dog(s).

Today I want to switch gears a little and talk about my dogs. They are my major loves of life. We have two. They both have very distinct personalities also. My dog is a 6 year old boxer mix. Her name is Rooney...also known as: Rooneys, Rooney Petunia, Rooney Tooney, Rooney Tunes, Maca-rooney, and the list goes on. Here's my pretty girl. She's lazy, grumpy, and frequently un-amused at my attempts to get 1231239 cuteeeee pictures of her daily. But she loves me and I love her. She's also really smart. Like... so smart/sneaky when it's silent in the house I automatically get that dreaded thought...what's Rooney doing now....!? She's also pretty quick with commands like speak, lay, sit, roll over, play dead, and high five. What can I say.. it's cute.

My fiancé's dog is a 2 year old blue nose pit bull mix. Her name is Mya. Sometimes I call her no. Just kidding, but really she probably does think her name is no most of the time. I feel like that's all we're ever saying to her lately. Her nicknames are: My, Mya-moo, and various synonyms of the word "a-hole". She is strange. She sits on the back of the couch like a cat, runs from Wal-Mart sacks if one falls off the counter, and is scared of things as small as rustling leaves. She's a lover though and you can seriously see the love she has for us in her eyes. Here's our precious baby.

Okay so I could have uploaded a better picture of her, but I couldn't resist. This picture just sums up her crazy personality so well. She is constantly doing something. Moving, jumping, running, staring, irritating Rooney, sitting on the back of the couch, running from EVERYTHING.

Here are our pups together; they genuinely love each other. They snuggle, sleep in the same bed with us, and play pretty well for the most part.

Anyways we love both of our dogs dearly, but in the past few days they have been getting in some serious throwdown matches! Before we moved in together they never fought. Then we had a few small tiffs. But this week we've had 3! And they have gotten increasingly worse too. It's been pretty stressful with both the dogs and us frustrated (and not to mention sick), but today we decided to switch things up. All this talk about growth and competing against myself to "be a better me" got me thinking- can't I make things better for my dogs too? The answer to that is yes, absolutely.

So... today things changed a little in our house. No matter what the reason is that they are fighting we decided to put the blame on ourselves and work to make things better. So, Jeff bought a bike today and spent time riding his bike outside with Mya running beside it (we can't keep up with her to really get her the exercise she needs), and we also got Rooney outside for some playtime. The girls enjoyed themselves so much that they are both pooped and laying on opposite sides of the room snoozing away. My brother says, "tired dogs don't fight." Which has proven to be true..for one night at least. We also have a call in to the trainer that Rooney went to for manners classes to see what we can do.

If you pray please say a prayer for our little family that we can get the structure back in place and under control for our own sanity as well as our dogs!



  1. Kylie , You are right about exercise!! Our pets/family need lots of love and exercise every day!!! Remember.. they will play off you & Jeff reaction. Try to stay very calm but firm!!! Talking to the trainer is great!!!!!
    Who will be taking care of them, when your on your Honeymoon?
    Kylie, if we didn't have my sister & my 94 year old father-in-law to
    take care of, I would stay and babysit.
    I will pray for your little family,

    1. So far so good with the exercise. I even got up early this morning and got on the bike and rode with her down the street and back roughly a half mile. I do need to make sure I am calm because yesterday I was still a little nervous after they had been fighting. See you soon!

  2. They are so adorable do look like they love each other lots!

    Exercise is a great idea and just changing up their scenery a little. Floyd has been restless lately too, the cold weather does not help with that!