February 18, 2015

Devotional, what are you?

I've never actually owned a devotional. Let's just put that out there. But I did get one last week and I've read it every day since then. This is what it looks like:

There's something about reading a note from God every morning that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Each month has it's own topic and is broken down into daily messages within the overall topic. It's a quick, not even, one-page read which makes it super simple to open up in the morning before work. Sometimes you don't even realize you need something like this until you start reading it. I'm not really sure where Will Bowen got his inspiration for this book, but he writes the word of God very nicely in each of the short letters.

I thoroughly enjoy the time I take in the morning to drink a cup of (Peet's) coffee and read my Bible as well as this new devotional. If you have never gotten in the habit of doing something like this I highly suggest it. I use it as a short, quiet time to focus; reminding myself of what my dreams are; and that God always has the answers as well as the direction that I should take next. It also helps to kinda reboot my energy because... let's face it, there are days that all the wind is sucked right out of my sails. But the fact that I know I can always rely on God to guide me in the right direction tells me that what I'm doing is good.

To find out more about Will Bowen, the author of this devotional, go here:

Will Bowen on Facebook

More info on To: You Love, GOD

Happy Wednesday y'all. P.S. I'm getting married in 10 days (insert every emotion on the planet here with all the emoji faces; especially the big eyes and ugly cry ones...and maybe the cat with heart eyes too.)  Ok, ok I'm done. Adios-K

I received this book on blogging for books for this review.

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  1. I love devotionals! That's the easiest way to keep me on track for sure. I'll have to check this one out. :)

    Ahh, ten days!!! The time will fly, and you'll be a married woman before you know it!