January 24, 2015

What Does Heaven Look Like?

The title of this post popped into my head before I actually wrote the post. I don’t do that often. I’ve loved writing my whole life and I have ALWAYS finished whatever it is I’m writing and came up with my title last. But for some reason this title popped into my head last week and I’ve been kicking it around like a soccer ball in there ever since. Some of you probably groaned when you saw the topic thinking “Oh goodie another bible thumper.” And then there were some of you who probably thought “Hmm…what does this chick know about heaven?” I really don’t have a clearly set angle that I am heading with this, but a few things do come to mind.
So what is Heaven? Now, for those of you who are well versed in the Bible and God’s word I am sure you have your own ideas of what Heaven looks like. Here are a few things that I imagine:
  1. Powering through a really hard week without complaining or giving up. That’s right, one of those weeks that you aren’t really sure where the strength came from to finish. You’re literally running on fumes and hoping you make it out without killing yourself (or someone else). I just had one of those weeks and through God’s will, extra prayer, and a boat load of caffeine I made it. I think that’s pretty Heavenly if you ask me.
  1. Paleo chicken and waffles. When you eat clean, finding a healthy option for an awesome comfort food is like Heaven. Point Blank. (To find this recipe check out the recipe tab).
  1. Divine Intervention. I promise you. It’s real. My faith has grown exponentially in the last 2 years. I have gone from not knowing what or who to believe in, to starting to read the bible, to getting a new bible for Christmas (Shout out to Teri Lock on that awesome gift), to going to church, to doing a bible study, to getting baptized, to literally busting at the seams as far as faith goes. Things that happen that are inexplicable unless you believe that God has his hands in your life. My conclusion is that God knows more about what I need than I do. And if it’s His will, it happens. Seems pretty legit and Heavenly to me.
  1. Kids experiencing success; especially the first time experiencing it. For those of you who are not well versed in the alternate universe of middle school, I run counseling groups based off behavior from last school year; to explain it the easiest way-I put the worst behaved children all in one room. When these kids come to me and have reached their discipline goal for the week (which means low number of signatures on their discipline cards, no discipline referrals, and no suspensions) it is like Christmas morning. When they see my reaction and I see them light up because someone cares that they didn’t get in trouble for a week it literally could be a middle school version of Heaven. Seeing hope in a child’s eyes is something you can never forget.
  1. Lastly for today- being able to spread love to those who don’t experience love anywhere else. I’m in the perfect position to do this being a middle school counselor. I have a chance to spread love to kids who don’t really know what love is. It is amazing to see a child change overtime when they know people care about them. Right now, I am looking forward to providing some mentoring for a girl, just some extra support and homework help. It might not seem like much, but for a kid who has the Great Wall of China constructed around her to keep people out; it’s huge.
So, I know this is another long post and I said I wanted to keep things short, but I had to at least include those 5 things that were on my mind. I actually had a few more things, but these were the most important. Your idea of Heaven might be different. But being able to have a vision for life and for my career (“Spreading love to those who don’t experience love anywhere else”) and actually seeing it happen is my Heaven. I have several other things that also play a huge role in what my Heaven looks like, but for now I will spare you. (Clearly I added in the Paleo chicken and waffles just because they are delicious.)