January 24, 2015

Sabbatical Has Ended....With Interesting Socks.

Well hello there! I've had a sabbatical from my blog. I know the word sabbatical isn't really appropriate when referring to a blog, but the word makes me feel important. I wasn't really sure after my first post if I wanted to continue. But today I went back and re-read that post and thought to myself, "Someone out there is bound to benefit from the ridiculousness that happens in my life as a counselor". Even if it's just a laugh or makes someone feel comforted that there are others out there who can relate to what you go through or how you feel. That being said, I'm going to give this another shot. 

Right now it's November (you're like duh I can see the date). I'm roughly 3 months into my 3rd year as a school counselor. I actually started this year with a huge sense of confidence. Picture a little super hero with a big puffed up chest and huge Popeye looking muscles. I'd say my huge Popeye muscles have deflated just a little, but I would like to think I'm still going strong. I'm learning so much this year just like every other year. I now know what the game "Scoop" is (if you don't know, I am going to bless you by not telling you), a new term "thot", what it means to say "Bye Felicia", and that teenagers may never grow out of using Axe Body Spray as a replacement to taking an actual shower. Fun right? 

I have also been learning more about technology because with approximately 1200 students and growing it makes life a lot simpler to be able to create video classroom lessons and transmit them out to teachers to play instead of running marathons each week trying to get to the 20+ classrooms in each department to talk to kids about how to be proactive or one of the numerous other things I need to teach them before the end of the year. (More to come on this in the weeks/months to come). 

Since I don't want to write a novel each time (I actually want you to read my whole post)- I will leave you today with a picture of a pair of socks a student had on one day when I called him down just to get to know him and build rapport. When I asked what was on the socks (clearly I already knew) he told me they were a cartoon character, actually Stewie from the show Family Guy is who he said. Interesting how the mind of a teenager works. Did he SERIOUSLY convince himself this was Stewie or was he insulting my intelligence? The world will never know. :P Until next time.

sock picture

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