January 28, 2015

Quail Woman Attemps Dog Rescue

Welcome to Counselor with a Cape 2.0. This is my new home! I hope you like it. All of my previous posts from WordPress are located in the archives here, so don’t worry- if there’s something you liked you can still access it. Take a look around. I think you’ll like what you see. I will add new content frequently, so don’t miss out.

To kick things off here at my new location I’d like to provide a giveaway to all my loyal readers. Wanna know how to win? The first 50 people who submit their e-mail address at the very bottom of this page to subscribe to Counselor with a Cape will be entered in a drawing for a box of my ultimate favorite workout/energy drink. ADVOCARE SPARK! YASSSS! Ready, set, GO! The winner will be announced at the beginning of next week!

As for counselor world and life in general, it’s getting exciting. For those of you who don’t know, I’m getting married in A MONTH. That being said, things could start getting crazy hectic anytime now. I keep telling myself- “DON’T. START. PANICKING.” So far, I have been relatively calm throughout the process so I hope things remain that way.

Today though, I wish I legitimately had a cape. I’d wear it. You don’t believe me? Picture Quail Man. Remember him? From that old cartoon Doug. (If you are near my age and you didn’t watch Doug we can’t be friends anymore). Anyways, one of my precious students left a dog tied up to a post at his bus stop this morning. I’m sure his heart was in the right place, but clearly we were concerned. Fast forward a little….and dun, dun, DUN… Counselor with a Cape to the rescue. I drove out to the boonies to save the pup. Of course when I got there the student’s mother, who we could not reach on the 100 phone numbers we had for her, had gone to get the pup and taken it home. I know because I went to his house to make sure it was there. Some might say that’s a little crazy, I call it a love for my students mixed with a bleeding heart for animals. Works for me.

Happy Wednesday from the Marsh!

Adios! -K

January 24, 2015

Changed Womans

After all the crazy events that went down last week at the Marsh, I decided the weekend called for a breather. I even took a glorious two-hour nap on Sunday; which is basically unheard of in my world. If you know me at all, you know I can’t stop moving. Picture Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights “I don’t know what to do with my hands.” Lol.
But for real. I needed a break and when I was taking said break I thought of this quote. I’m going to butcher it a little, but Google doesn’t even know if FDR or Thomas Jefferson actually said it so I feel like it’s okay. “What do you do when you’re at the end of your rope? You hold on tighter and brace yourself for the wild ride ahead.” That’s not the exact quote, but that’s what it translates to in my mind. And that’s what I decided before I came back into work on Tuesday. Going back to last week, I am where I am for a reason. If I’m going to be here I may as well make it awesome right? So, Tuesday morning I went back in ready to kick ass.
Here’s how I felt by Thursday morning:

Just kidding. I was still ready to dance to the Rocky theme song pulling into the Marsh’s parking lot. And for good reason. Yesterday my girls counseling group met. The group is called GLOW which stands for “Girls Leading Our World”. However, for the last 6 months all GLOW has been leading in is discipline referrals. I decided that this was the wild ride I was in for, so I was ready to give them a fresh start. It was almost like impostors came to group. They were all smiling, happy, excited, and positive. We did discipline card checks and they hit their goal for the first time this year; they were legit screaming in the front office conference room. Oopsie. So, for getting only 3 points they get to wear their snazzy GLOW t-shirts tomorrow as well as get a snack (Publix Cupcakes, duh). Anyway my point is that I didn’t give up on them when I really wanted to. Instead, I gave them another chance. And I am super pumped that I did, because they made me really proud yesterday. Especially when one of them said “Misssss, we are changed womans.” J
Today I want to leave you with this, I’ll call it: Tips for working with groups that could eat you alive.
  1. Gain their trust.
  2. Be confident. If you don’t know the answer act like you do. (I don’t necessarily condone lying, however desperate times call for desperate measures…..JK… kind of.)
  3. And lastly, NEVER give up. Just when you want to… the unspeakable can happen. Like them hitting their goal. For the first time. This. Year.
Yay for GLOW t-shirts tomorrow! (And FRIDAY BREAKFAST!!- That’s a whole post of it’s own though.). Adios Thursday. I’m ready for the weekend!